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Find Your balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressure and deadlines.


Relax and enjoy a personalized yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.

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Special Features of Our Yoga Classes

✔️ Lifetime LIVE Sessions with 2-way Video facility

✔️ Each Session is Focused to be for 45mins to 60mins

✔️ Intense Yogic Practices like Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga

✔️ Individual Attention in Class for Proper Guidance & Corrections

✔️ Relaxing Cyclic Classes for Pranayama, Meditation as your choice

✔️ Proper Guidance on Yogic Food Habits & Diet for better outcomes

How To Join Regular Yoga Classes


Fill the form and select the suitable yoga program for you​


Consultation with PJF members (Medical advisor if needed)​


Payment by Credit card or bank transfer


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Why Join With Patanjali Japan Foundation 

We are a part of Patanjali Family, which is one of the biggest Yoga organization in the world.
Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, certified by “Yoga Certification Board” Ministry of AYUSH Government of India or equivalent.





Yumi, White Belt Yogi

I could get to know how to refresh my mind through Yoga, and especially I can reset my brain by deep breathing. I would like to do Yoga as a part of my life style.

Voice Of Yogi


Mayo, White Belt Yogi

By practicing yoga every morning, I can get to work and play in a very positive mood.

Shailesh, Kesari Belt Yogi

Mind and body seems to be in sync. Energy level is always high! No petty issues like cold, or body pain, and I am not worried traveling in train as I know my immunity is boosted with Pranayama!

Our Yoga Classes Helps To Cure & Prevent

Patanjali Japan Foundation's Goal

​Our mission is to spread the awareness of ancient system of Bhartiye (Indian) Yoga which includes physical, mental and spiritual aspects, across the world.

Make Japanese society more healthy, more aware and more happy
Let's come together and build a Stress free, Depression free and Suicide free Japanese society with the power of Yoga!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションでのヨガ教室はどのように行われますか? How the Yoga Class will be conducted in Patanjali Japan Foundation?

ここでのヨガのクラスは、完全にオンラインの方法で実施され、ズームアプリケーションを介してストリーミングされます The Yoga class here will be conducted through a completely online method and streamed through the zoom application

「ライブクラスはスマートフォンからアクセスできますか? Are the yoga live classes accessible from Smartphone devices?

はい。 パタンジャリジャパンファンデーションヨガセッションは、世界中のどこからでもスマートフォンデバイスからアクセスできます。 オンラインクラスに参加するには、安定したインターネット接続が必要です。 Yes. Patanjali Japan Foundations Yoga sessions can be accessed through Smartphone devices from any corner of the globe. You just need stable internet connectivity to attend the online classes.

コース料金はどのように支払う必要がありますか? How I have to pay the course fees?


支払いは、オンライン支払い(クレジットカード)または銀行振込のいずれかで行うことができます。 登録時はスタッフと相談の上、ご相談させていただきます。

The monthly course fee is required to be paid at the time of registration in Patanjali Japan foundation's Yoga sessions.
Payment can be done either by online payment (Credit card) or Bank transfer. At the time of registration after consultation is done with our staff.

誰がクラスでヨガを教えますか? Who will teach the Yoga in Classes?

パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションでは、ヨガのセッションは、推奨され認定されたヨガトレーナーを通じて行われます。 AYUSH省、バーラト政府(インド)または同等の機関によって認定されたヨガの専門家を提供します。 In Patanjali Japan Foundation's, the Yoga sessions will be conducted through recommended and certified Yoga trainers. We provide yoga experts certified by Ministry of AYUSH, government of Bharat (India) or equivalent.

女性は月経の日にヨガのクラスに参加できますか? Can women attend Yoga classes during menstruation days?

Absolutely! The Yoga classes are designed in a careful way to provide safe methods to the women on menstruation days. Don’t worry, it is completely safe.

ここでヨガのクラスに参加するには何が必要ですか? What is required to attend the Yoga classes here?

ズームでヨガセッションに参加するには、ズームアプリをインストールし、ヨガマット、タオル、インターネット接続付きのモバイル/ラップトップ/デスクトップを手配する必要があります。 To attend the Yoga sessions at zoom, you just need to install the Zoom App, arrange for a Yoga Mat, Towel, and Mobile/Laptop/Desktop with an internet connection.

ヨガコースに登録できる年齢制限は何歳ですか? What is the age limit to be enrolled in the Yoga course?

パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションのヨガセッションに登録できる年齢制限はありません。あなたが世界で最も美しい方法に合うのに十分熱心であるならば、あなたはただクリックするだけでヨガのクラスに登録することができます。 There is no age limit to be enrolled in the Yoga sessions of Patanjali Japan Foundation. If you are enthusiastic enough to be fit in the world’s most beautiful way, you are just a click away to register in the Yoga class.

ヨガのクラスはどの言語で行われますか? In which language the Yoga classes will be conducted?

ヨガのクラスは、日本語と英語の両方でバイリンガルで行われます。 The Yoga classes will be conducted in a bi-lingual way, both in Japanese and English.

私は企業部門で働いており、フィットネスの問題に苦しんでいます。 このヨガのクラスは私に役立ちますか? I am working in the corporate sector and suffering from fitness issues. Can this Yoga class be helpful for me?

パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションでのヨガセッションは、すでに多くの企業の人々が短期間で体力を取り戻すのに役立っているので、これらの有益なヨガクラスに登録することもできます。 Absolutely! As the Yoga sessions at Patanjali Japan Foundation have already helped numerous corporate people gaining their physical fitness back in a shorter period of time, you can also be enrolled in these beneficial Yoga classes

私は72歳の女性で、自宅でヨガを練習したいと思っています。 この年齢でコースに参加できますか? I am a 72 years old woman and willing to practice Yoga at my home. Can I join the course at this age?


Patanjali Japan Foundation's Yoga sessions can be practiced at any age. The professional Yoga teachers here conduct the online Yoga sessions for the elderly learners with the utmost care so that you can safely attend the sessions from your homely comfort.

私は9歳の息子の母親です。 ヨガのセッションは彼の助けになるでしょうか? I am a mother of a 9-years old son. Will the Yoga sessions would be of any help to him?

The Yoga sessions here will not only help your son to be physically fit and energetic, but it would be useful for him to have mental stability and a better concentration for education too.

ヨガクラスを他の人に紹介することはできますか? Can I refer the Yoga Classes to others?

はい。パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションの有益なヨガセッションを他の人に紹介することで広めた、かなりの割引を受けた学習者を常に奨励しています。 Yes. We always encourage the learners with a notable amount of discount who spread out the beneficial Patanjali Japan Foundation's Yoga sessions by referring to others.

ここで利用できる個別のヨガクラスはありますか? Are there any Individual Yoga Classes are available here?

パタンジャリジャパンファウンデーションで特別に企画された個人ヨガセッションは、私たちの学習者の間で非常に人気があります。また、1対1のライブヨガクラスに登録して、パーソナライズされたヨガレッスンでより良い結果を得ることができます。 Absolutely! The specially designed Individual Yoga sessions at Patanjali Japan Foundation' are very much popular among our learners. You can also be registered in the 1-to-1 LIVE Yoga Classes to get a better result with personalized Yogic lessons.

ヨギベルトシステムとは何ですか? What are the yogi belt system?

「私たちはヨギを日本語で「ベルト」または「帯」と呼ぶ3つのカテゴリーに分類します。このベルトシステムは、ヨギが1か月にヨガを練習する日数に基づいて決定されます。 10日以内にヨガを練習するヨギは「緑帯ヨギ」または「グリーンベルトヨギ」として知られています 10日以上20日未満のヨガを実践するヨギは「白帯ヨギ」または「ホワイトベルトヨギ」です 20日以上ヨガを練習しているヨギは「ケサリ帯ヨギ」なたは「ケサリベルトヨギ」です ケサリ帯ベルトヨギには様々なごほうびがもらえます。 We classify our yogis in three categories which we call as "Belt" or "Obi" in Japanese. This belt system is decided on the basis of number of days a yogi practice yoga in a month. Yogi who practice yoga for less than 10 days is known as "Green Belt Yogi" Yogi who practice yoga for more than 10 days and less than 20 days is "White Belt Yogi" Yogi who practice yoga for more than 20 days is "Kesari Belt Yogi" Kesari belt yogi always gets different discounts and incentives.

If I register for paid yoga classes, can I attend other paid yoga sessions also?


Yes. We encourage yogis to attend yoga session daily same time but you can also attend in different time slot.