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Events by Patanjali Japan Foundation

This page is dedicated for events information by Patanjali Japan Foundation.
Always stay tuned!
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Events Information

Find out latest events organized or co-organized by Patanjali Japan Foundation here.

Monthly Interactive Session

We conduct Monthly Interactive session where you can talk to yoga experts directly.
Autumn Road
Interactive session is where we can have an open discussion with the audience about various aspects and terminology of Yoga, which is not possible in a daily morning online yoga session. 

The session helps to inculcate Yoga as a lifestyle in our daily lives.

​All our sessions are conducted in Japanese with English support.

International Day of Yoga

We are celebrating International Day of Yoga since 2015
International Day of Yoga

Other Events

Details of other events here

750,000,000 Suryanamaskar


India Mela Wakayama 2022


Let's come together and build a Stress free, Depression free and Suicide free Japanese society with the power of Yoga!

Please contact for more details here.
-Team Patanjali Japan Foundation-
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