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Yoga for Kids & Students - IS AUGUST 2024

Get ready for a super fun and energizing experience at our ‘Yoga for Kids & Students’ webinar! We’ve planned a special session filled with exciting yoga poses and activities designed just for you.

Yoga for Kids & Students - IS AUGUST 2024
Yoga for Kids & Students - IS AUGUST 2024

Time & Location

2024年8月18日 8:00 – 9:00


About the Event

Hello Yogis,

We invite you to the upcoming monthly interactive session in 2024 and the 51st in total.

In the last month’s interactive session, we discussed yoga for corporates. After the success of International Day of Yoga we are coming up with another most demanding topic from our yogis and audience: Yoga For Kids and Students in the series of Yoga therapy.

Our webinar dedicated to the well-being and development of the younger generation through the practice of yoga. In an era where academic pressures and screen time dominate, we invite parents, educators, and anyone interested in nurturing the holistic growth of children and students to join us in exploring the incredible benefits of yoga tailored specifically for younger minds and bodies.

Our Upcoming Interactive Session Includes:

1. Introduction to Yoga for Kids:

  • Understanding the importance of introducing yoga to children and students.
  • Exploring the unique benefits of yoga for mental and physical development.

2. Fun and Engaging Yoga Poses:

  • Discover playful yoga poses designed for different age groups.
  • Learn how to make yoga a joyful and interactive experience for kids and students.

3. Mindfulness for Academic Success:

  • Techniques to enhance focus and concentration for improved academic performance.
  • Integrating mindfulness practices into daily routines for stress reduction.

4. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Management:

  • Gentle yoga and breathing exercises to help children and students cope with stress.
  • Creating a supportive environment to address mental health challenges in academic settings.

5. Building Healthy Habits:

  • Encouraging a lifelong love for fitness through yoga.
  • Tips for parents and educators to integrate yoga into daily routines.


  • Helps in children manage their anxiety
  • Improve children’s emotional regulation
  • Enhance children’s body awareness and mindfulness
  • Enhances children’s concentration and memory
  • Helps in enhancing Academic Performance
  • How Yoga Manages Your Routine Properly & Best Diet Plans

Interactive Session Schedule:

🗓️ Event Date: August 18th, 2024 (Sunday)

🕗 Time: 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM JST

📍 Event Venue: Online (Zoom)

💴 Event Fee: Free Registration

Please join and also forward it to your friends.


  • Yoga for Kids & Students




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