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IDY 2023 Complete Journey - 75+ Yoga Classes & More

Updated: Jan 11

Press Release

21st June 2023, Tokyo, Japan, After our successful delivery of the IDY Grand Finale 2023, Patanjali Japan Foundation was proud to also take part in the grand celebration at Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Tokyo organised by the Embassy of India Tokyo, Japan. It was an honour having such a respected organisation recognize our mission to promote the practice and benefits of yoga all over the world.

In addition, we came to a closing end of our 75+ Days of classes where we delivered various forms of Yoga and it has been our utmost pleasure to share our journey with you.

How our Journey of International Day of Yoga 2023 came to life:

In a mission to make yoga available to each individual as part of his/her daily routine, just like eating, taking a bath, or sleeping, our organisation decided to deliver a series of 75 yoga sessions, the same way as we have in the previous year but with the wish to execute the celebration of International Day of Yoga on a more grand scale.

Additionally, it is also our motive to preserve ancient yogic knowledge and to create more opportunities for both students and teachers to be exposed to this type of knowledge and practice. We made sure to invite guest teachers who are full of yogic wisdom all throughout the journey which lasted roughly three months between the 3rd of April to the 21st of June.

The Planning & Execution of International Day of Yoga 2023

To begin, we decided to break the 75 days of yoga classes into two segments: weekdays and weekend lectures. We then carefully prepared a dedicated class schedule based on the issues that the participants had faced on a daily basis.

All yoga classes provided an opportunity to engage in guided asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques, fostering both one’s physical and mental well-being. Participants enjoyed a rejuvenating experience while immersing themselves in the transformative power of yoga.

IDY Opening Ceremony

To begin the journey, we held a grand opening ceremony at Morishita Cultural Center, Koto City, Tokyo on the 8th of April 2023. The ceremony consisted of sharing the detailed and structured plans on the upcoming sessions, which were also accompanied by speeches from guest speakers and yogis who had previously joined our classes. The ceremony came to a peaceful ending with the beautiful Mantra Chanting by Dhanashree Sensei.

Yoga For Allergy (Kafunsho)

As the 75 day journey began in the midst of the allergy season, we decided it was appropriate to dedicate our very first week to alleviating the stress of “Kafunsho” (i.e hay fever). Daily sessions involved using specific poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to reduce and soothe allergic symptoms whilst strengthening the immune system.

Through gentle movements, deep breathing, and relaxation, yoga helps reduce inflammation, improve respiratory function, and promote the overall well-being of the body that is needed to relieve one from such stress-inducing symptoms during this season. Regular practice can also enhance the body's ability to cope with allergens and maintain a greater sense of harmony between the human body and external stressors.

Yoga For Women's Health

Following the completion of week 1 was one of the most demanded themes; “Yoga for Women’s Health”. This particular theme is one which we as an organisation believe should be emphasised given the many stress-inducing environments that women are placed in and how very little effort is made in today’s society to recognize this.

Yoga is beneficial for women as it helps improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and enhance overall physical fitness. And most importantly, it also supports hormonal balance and reduces menstrual discomfort, which can alleviate symptoms of menopause in the long run. Additionally, yoga cultivates an overall mental and emotional well-being, promoting self-care and empowerment for women's holistic health.

Yoga For Husband’s Health

In relevance to the previous theme, our third week focused on “Yoga for Husband’s health” which we believe must also be recognized and promoted. The sessions focused primarily on improving sleep quality, and enhancing mental well-being which is often unfortunately seen as taboo when expressed in reference to masculinity. With the aim to combat and erase such ways of thinking, we hope to continue delivering yoga practices that will support a husbands' optimal health and well-being.

Yoga For Corporate

After the completion of week 3, we looked at “Yoga For Corporate Lifestyle”. Yoga is essential in the corporate lifestyle as it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout, improving mental well-being and productivity. Our sessions focused especially on posture and flexibility in order to counteract the sedentary nature of office work. Besides the physical aspects, we also promoted ways in which simple breathing techniques that come with the practice of yoga can help one focus, concentrate and be mindful in their working environment.

Yoga For Senior Citizens

In week 5, we delivered another one of the most demanding and relevant themes; “Yoga For Senior Citizens”. In our sessions, we shared the benefits of yoga in increasing flexibility and joint mobility which are important factors in preventing the risks of falls and injuries.

Whilst yoga tends to be immediately linked to relaxation, we strive to promote the practice as a way to also boost strength and stamina. This was an especially important aspect to pick up on during this week’s sessions focusing on enabling an active lifestyle for senior citizens.

Yoga For Kids & Students / Athletes

In hopes to cover all age groups, we also looked at Yoga for Kids and Students / Athletes in week 6. Advising children to practice yoga can provide numerous benefits such as improved focus, concentration, and mental clarity, enhancing their academic performance and athletic abilities.

It promotes physical strength, flexibility, and coordination, aiding in injury prevention and enhancing overall sports performance. Additionally, yoga cultivates stress management, emotional resilience, and self-confidence which can help in their studies.

Yoga For Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Following the previous weeks which looked at particular types of age groups and genders, we shifted our direction towards “Yoga For Stress, Anxiety & Depression”. Yoga is effective in managing and preventing the causes of depression as it promotes relaxation, being mindful of both oneself and their surroundings, and somatically reducing the body's stress response.

Our sessions looked at the scientific aspects of how breathing techniques may enhance the production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and GABA, and hence improve our mental well-being. Additionally, we shared our views on how yoga practice may offer a supportive community to make place for emotional release, and create a sense of empowerment, all which can ultimately reduce the risks of depression.

Yoga For Body Pain

In week 8, we focused on utilising yoga as a way to both heal and prevent body pain, including back aches, headaches and stiff shoulders which are especially common in today’s society where long hours of phone and laptop usage is prevalent.

Yoga is beneficial for relieving these types of pain as it enhances body alignment and reduces the strain on joints which ultimately alleviates prolonging discomfort. We focused on poses that promote blood circulation and release tension through stretching and releasing. Also given the merits of yoga practice on mental awareness explained in the previous week, one can address the underlying causes of body pain and hence maintain long-term prevention.

Common Yoga Protocol

On our final week of IDY, we decided to finish the journey off with “Common Yoga Protocol” in the hopes to bring clarity in everyone’s yoga experience. The Common Yoga Protocol consists of a sequence of yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and relaxation techniques. It emphasises the importance of correct alignment, effective breathing, and maintaining one’s habit of mindfulness.

Lectures & Workshops on Weekends

Every weekend, Patanjali Japan Foundation conducted informative sessions for our Yogis to further enhance their understanding of the practice. Following is the list of lectures and workshops that were held:

  • [Lecture] About IDY and Ministry of AYUSH activities

  • [Lecture] How to Study for Yoga Protocol Instructor of Ministry of AYUSH Yoga Certification Board

  • [Workshop] Chakra Yoga

  • [Workshop] Good Posture Better Life

  • [IS] Pranayama: Physiological Value

  • [Lecture] Introduction to Yoga Philosophy & FAQs

  • [Lecture] Yoga and Education ~ Why and for What Purpose?

  • [Workshop] Acupressure Points

  • [Lecture] Peaceful Yoga

  • [Lecture] Yoga for peace

  • [Workshop] Importance of warm up & cool down in Yoga Practice

  • [Workshop] Kalarippayattu [ワークショップ] カラリパヤットゥ

  • [IS] Pranayama: Psychological and Spiritual Value

  • [Lecture] Pranopchar

  • [Workshop] Yogic Sukhsma Vyayama[Workshop] Yin Yoga

  • [Workshop] Yogic Sukhsma Vyayama

  • [Workshop] Yoga sutra

  • [Workshop] Indoshiki Yoga & Zazen

IDY Grand Finale 18th June 2023

On another important note, we have also launched our new logo on the special occasion of the IDY Grand Finale. The energy at the International Day of Yoga Grand Finale was absolutely electrifying thanks to all team members, yoga teachers, organisers, co-organizers & volunteers. Know more

Our Organizers & Partners

Once again, we have successfully celebrated International Day of Yoga 2023 together for a total of 75 Days, between the 3rd of April to the 21st of June. Yoga Mahotsav – II is Organized by “一般社団法人 Patanjali Japan Foundation” and Co-Organized by “一般社団法人 Buzz Cre 代表理事 吉田要”, “合同会社 HANA” and INTAG in collaboration with “The Embassy of India, Tokyo, Japan.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the organizers, co-organizers, and supporters for their valuable contributions and unwavering support making the event as successful as it could be. We deeply appreciate your efforts in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. Thank you for your commitment and collaboration, which we believe has made a significant difference for both the wellbeing of individuals as well as the future of our organization.

Thank You.

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