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PJF presented a yoga workshop at Toyota Industrial Culture Center (TIA)!

Updated: Apr 24

Toyota, Aichi, Japan, On March 24th, 2024, PJF hosted a successful yoga workshop at the Toyota Industrial Culture Center (Toyota International Association). This workshop was presented by our Yoga and Fitness Expert, Nibedita Sensei, and there were 40 attendees in this event who participated and enjoyed the workshop.

Nibedita sensei, who is our Nagoya Branch Head, presented a 15-minute presentation about the 8 limbs of Yoga including the explanation of the power of Pranayama. This is an ancient Bhartiye (Indian) practice that focuses on breathing exercises. The eight limbs of yoga is a core philosophy that guides the journey towards wellness.

What is in the 55 Minutes Yoga Workshop?

The 55 minute workshop hosted by Patanjali Japan Foundation and presented by Yoga and Fitness Expert, Nibedita Sensei proved successful and wonderful for all yogis who participated. Sensei guided participants to a great yoga practice that will be very helpful for them. The event includes Pranayama breathing techniques, yoga postures, and meditation, offering a holistic approach to relaxation and mindfulness.

End of Workshop

The workshop proved enjoyable, healthy and informational for all participants. It ended with a 20-minute refreshment break where Bhartiye (Indian) Ayurvedic Masala tea was served to all the participants. They enjoyed this herbal tea and had the opportunity to discuss their experience of Pranayama and Mantra Chanting they had with each other.

How did the Participants Feel?

All the participants left the workshop feeling refreshed and felt equipped to manage their stress better in the future, which is what Nibedita sensei taught in the workshop. This event proves the best fitness tool for all the participants who dropped positive feedback about the workshop.

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I loved reading about the initiatives of Patanjali Japan Foundation. It's heartwarming to see efforts towards holistic well-being and cultural exchange. Love from India

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