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A New Life with Yoga Starts Here


JPY 4,980


10 Hours


About the Course

About Course
Training Language: Japanese (PPT can be Japanese and English)

Brief Role Description: Learn the Fundamentals of Yoga along with the Common Yoga Protocol of the National Yoga Institute

Benefits of Certification: One can learn the foundation of practical aspects of Yoga, which can be adopted in one’s healthy Yogic lifestyle. It will give strong foundation for YCB/IYA syllabus.

Validity of Certificate: PJF certification / CYP Program

Requirement / Eligibility Criteria: Those who are interested in Common Yoga Protocol and new fundamentals of Yoga

Age limit: 18

What Will You Learn?
What is Common Yoga Protocol?
What is Asana?
What is Pranayama?
What is Dhyana/Meditation?

Your Instructor

Soko Sensei

Soko Sensei

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