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Yoga Week for Fighting against the Coronavirus

June 14 (Sunday) to June 21 (Sunday) 2020
Virtual Workout

International Day of Yoga 2020


This year (2020) is a special one because the whole world is suffering from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are working from home and trying to maintain social distance.

We are still adjusting to a new way of working and living.


Due to the current situation, International Day of Yoga event has also been also cancelled.

However, we are planning an online Yoga Week for everyone to participate in the comfort of your home.


We are delighted to join the Embassy of India, Tokyo to celebrate the occasion of

International Day of Yoga 2020.


Patanjali Japan Foundation would also like to express our deepest appreciation and respect for all those around the world who are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. They are our real warriors who are fighting day and night.


Supported by

Embassy of India, Tokyo


International Day of Yoga 2020 Program Details

June 14 to June 21, 2020


A Week of Daily 50 minutes Yoga Session for Different Purposes

June 14: Commencement (Register and join on Zoom below)

June 15: Yoga for Busy People (Register and join on Zoom below)

June 16: Yoga for Spasticity (Paid Session)

June 17: Yoga to Boost Immunity (Register and join on Zoom below)

June 18: Yoga for Stress & Depression (Paid Session)

June 19: Yoga for Women (Register and join on Zoom below)

June 20: Yoga for Kids (in English) (Register and join on Zoom below)

June 21: Common Yoga Protocol by Ministry of AYUSH/ Interactive Session(s)​

Important Notes

  1. This year’s International Day of Yoga is conducted online.

  2. Please prepare your yoga mat

  3. Don’t eat anything 4 hours before yoga session

  4. Keep your mic on mute unless asked to mute off

  5. We will take photos and use for promotion through SNS

  6. Check our Facebook page for latest update : ​


  1. Duration: June 14 (Sunday) to June 21 (Sunday)

  2. Total number of shivirs: 10 including Interactive sessions (plus 1 shivir for GIIS Tokyo and 1 with member of parliaments)

  3. Locations: ONLINE (ZOOM)

  4. Total number of participants exceeds 300 (plus 250+ in other events)

  5. Yoga sessions for different target of people:

    1. Curtain Raiser event

    2. Yoga for busy people (Using Chair or bed to do asanas)

    3. Yoga for Spasticity (Muscle Stiffness) (Paid: 1000 JPY)

    4. Yoga to boost immunity

    5. Yoga for Stress & Depression (Paid: 1000 JPY)

    6. Yoga for Women

    7. Yoga for Kids (English)

    8. Common Yoga Protocol by Ministry of AYUSH 

    9. *10:15 - 11:15 Interactive Session(s)



Congratulatory message for International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2020 by Chief Sewa Officer & Representative of Patanjali Japan Foundation and yoga demonstration for boosting immune system and stress management.

Report Summary (IDY 2020)

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Yoga Group

In Collaboration With


The Yoga Organization of Japan

Embassy of India, Tokyo Japan

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