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Hip flexors, quadriceps, ankles, core balance, spinal flexion


Level 1


In modern yoga, Ajaneyasana, Crescent Moon Pose, or Ashwa Sanchalanasana is a lunge back bending asana. It's sometimes included as one of the asanas in the Surya Namaskar sequence, but it's usually done with the arms down.

How to do


Step 1 : 

From a low lunge, drop your back knee to the mat. 

Step 2 : 

Bring your hands onto your right knee and your right knee directly over your right ankle. Inhale and raise your arms above your head, keeping the arms in line with your ears.

Step 3 : 

To deepen into the lunge press firmly into your feet as you allow your hips to shift forward. As you do, your left thigh comes closer to the floor.

Step 4 : 

You may take the upper spine into a backbend if that feels comfortable. Exhale to release the hands down, reframe the front foot, and release the pose. Repeat on the left side.

Benefits of


  • Anjaneyasana is a very good pose for legs. It strengthens the upper and lower thigh muscles.

  • This yoga pose is also good for sciatica pain, as it stretches and soothes the hamstrings and leg muscles.

  • It opens up the hips and gives a nice stretch to back, neck and shoulders and as well to front. 

  • It chest is opened up then it gives lungs, room to expand and pump blood through body.

Cautions of


  1. Avoid this pose if you have knee injury

  2. Pregnant women 

  3. Those with a weak digestive system

  4. Those with pelvic or groin injuries"

Note: All the asanas and pranayama should be performed under the guidance of your certified yoga teacher.

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