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Yoga Class


We offer Yoga classes through below two systems "FREE" and "PAID".



Limited to

100 Yogis

Limited to 100 Yogis

Daily Weekdays 7:00 AM for 30 minutes
Pranamaya special yoga session
No registration needed, Click and Join
Meditating with Baby




Per Month

Limited to 95 Yogis for one session

6,980 JPY per month

3,000 JPY Registration fee (One time only)


* All taxes are inclusive

* ZERO Registration fee campaign NOW

Payment Method

Credit Card

Bank Transfer

*100% of our profit would be used for the promotion of health and wellbeing of Japanese society.


  • Regular Adiyogi type

    Every month
    Daily Yoga for everyone.
     14 day free trial
    • Join all daily weekdays yoga sessions
    • Health Councelling
    • Access to Knowledge bank of Patanjali Japan Foundation
    • Free Entry to all events organized by PJF
    • Special gohobi (incentive) and discount yogi coupons
  • Regular Sewayogi

    Every month
    For limited members who wants to continue a healthy routine
    • Join Unlimited Daily Online Yoga Classes
    • Special discounts for different courses and events
    • Access DEN (in Yamanakako) (Conditions applied)
    • Opportunity to do volunteer work for a healthy society

This is monthly renewal plan and renewed automatically every month


Let's come together and build a Stress free, Depression free and Suicide free Japanese society with the power of Yoga!

Please contact for more details here.
-Team Patanjali Japan Foundation-
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