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Winding Forest Road


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Halloween Yoga
IDY 2017
IDY 2017
IDY at Mount Fuji
IDY at Hiratsuka
IDY at Yoyogi Park
IDY at Imperial Palace
IDY at Tokyo
IDY at Takadanobaba
Common Yoga Protocol
IDY at Rakuten
IDY at Hida
IDY at Hida
IDY at Hida
IDY 2016 at Futakotamagawa
IDY Komyoji
IDY 2016 at Tokyo Skytree
IDY 2019 Rakuten
IDY at Japan Parliament
IDY at Hiratsuka
IDY 2017 at Mibyo
IDY 2017
Yoga at Amway
Daily Morning Yoga

Let's come together and build a Stress free, Depression free and Suicide free Japanese society with the power of Yoga!

Please contact for more details here.
-Team Patanjali Japan Foundation-
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