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18th Professional Yoga Certification Exam Held in Tokyo 2024 by Yoga Organization of Japan

Press Release

A big achievement in Yoga was marked in Japan as the Professional Yoga Certification Exam took place successfully. The exam was held in Tokyo on March 2nd, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM JST, and highlighted the commitment and skills of those aiming to become yoga practitioners.

Even though not many people have taken the test yet, a total of 4 candidates appeared for the examination. The candidates were greatly disciplined and worked hard to understand the concepts of yoga. More and more people are starting to gain insight into the field.

The exam is also a chance to learn more about traditional yoga and its practices. Yoga is often seen as simply the practice of physical poses, but in reality, it includes a lot more nuanced knowledge and practices.

Renowned yoga expert, Ashutosh Sensei, who serves as the Chief Service Officer and Representative Director of Patanjali Japan Foundation, along with Aikata Sensei and Todo Sensei, played a crucial role as examiners. Their expertise contributed significantly to maintaining high standards and ensuring the success of the certification process.

The professional yoga certification exam is organized by the Yoga Organization of Japan. This certification is given by the Yoga Certification Board, which is part of the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. During the exam, participants are evaluated on different criterions such as their understanding of theory, practical skills, and how well they are generally fit to teach yoga.

The exam included many aspects of yoga, such as different yoga asana practices, philosophy, anatomy, and ways of teaching. Participants showed how well they knew various styles of yoga, proving that they understand the overall principles that guide this ancient practice.

We at Patanjali Japan Foundation are starting the study course for certification preparation. For interested candidates, please reach out to;

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