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International Day of Yoga 2024 at Toyota June 2

Updated: Jun 25

Press Release

June 2nd, 2024, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture: 10th International Day of Yoga (IDY) event started at Toyota City on June 2nd, 2024, organized by 一般社団法人Patanjali Japan Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of India, Tokyo.

Marking a historic moment, the residents of Toyota City were bestowed with the exceptional opportunity to host an IDY event in partnership with the Toyota International Association. This landmark event fostered a sense of unity and cultural exchange within the community.

Opening of the Event: Speeches and Lamp Lighting

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of the Chairperson of TIA, Ms. Hanae Saeki san, and the Director, Mr. Koichiro Kuno. They ceremoniously lit the lamp in the distinguished company of Mr. Ashutosh Sensei, Representative Director of Patanjali Japan Foundation.

Ms. Hanae Saeki san's speech started the event by emphasizing the solid cultural connection between Bharat (India) and Japan. She also discussed the importance of preserving multiple cultures while living in a foreign country. This event provides a good opportunity to connect Bharat and Japan.

Ashutosh Sensei emphasized the importance of a yogic routine and took this opportunity to start practicing yoga in daily life. "Yoga is not just an event; it is a part of life and a need of an hour, which can help in many ways in this current fast-paced lifestyle," stated Ashutosh Sensei.

PJF members also remembered our prominent pillar, Ms. Dhanashree Date sensei, who passed away recently and gave a silent prayer in her remembrance. She was the Director, founding member, and teacher's head of the Department of PJF.  

Bharatanatyam Performance

The event proceeded with a traditional dance performance of Bharatnatyam, which originated in Tamil Nadu, one of the southern states of Bharat. Ms. Hatano Matsumi san, the dance group leader, explained the Bharatnatyam dance. All participants could enjoy the beautiful dance with soothing traditional music.

Commencing the Yoga Session

Nibedita sensei led the common yoga protocol, which was specially designed to be practiced on the International Day of Yoga and passed by the United Nations. The Steering committee, under the leadership of the Ministry of AYUSH (Government of Bharat), designed the Common Yoga Protocol, which beginners can practice without much effort.

Ashutosh sensei then led the Pranayama Special Yoga session originally designed by Patanjali Japan Foundation to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. This pranayama practice is also part of the common yoga protocol.

Highlighting Japan and Bharat’s Close Ties

At the end of the event, Buddhist monk Shomon Akita san blessed us with his insight and experience with Yoga and Bharat. His words connected many people at the venue and made them realize the close connection between Bharat (India) and Japan, which has existed for centuries.

Finally, Nibedita Sensei delivered a vote of thanks. She started leading the Patanjali Japan Foundation's Nagoya branch in January 2024, and this was the first International Day of Yoga event organized under her leadership.

Despite the rain, over 75 people attended the event, and the venue was almost packed. 

Patanjali Japan Foundation also distributed Routine Cards, which included three months of free yoga classes conducted daily, to the attendees so that everyone could start including yoga in their daily routine.

Chunichi Shimbun and Shinmikawa Times, prominent newspapers of Aichi Prefecture, also covered the event.

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