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Boosting Immune System (Part -1) - Interactive Session 21st February 2021

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Boosting Immune System (Part -1) - Interactive Session 21st February 2021

Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) organized the 2nd edition of its Monthly Interactive Session of 2021 on February 21 on the topic ‘Boosting Immune System’. The discussion was led by Ms. Sara with contributions by Mr. Ashutosh Singh (Chief Sewa Officer) from Bharat/India.

Due to large contents, this topic is divided into 2 parts, i.e. February 21st and March 21st 2021.

1. Introduction and January 2021 activity report

In January, a total number of 114 unique Yogis participated in morning sessions which included 4 'Kesari'/Saffron belt Yogis, 18 'Shwet'/White belt Yogis and 92 'Hari'/Green belt Yogis.

2. Explanation of Boosting Immune System

Sara explained the concept of immunity, how to improve the immunity through Yoga and the concepts of 'Ritucharya' and 'Dincharya'. She also touched upon few important asanas and Pranayama which can further improve the immunity.

3. Q&A

In the Q&A, questions on the benefits of Yoga, the correct way of doing the asanas and technique to avoid injuries were discussed.

We thank you all for joining this webinar.

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Tickets for next interactive session on March 21, 2021 can be availed at the below link.

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