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[Get-Together Event] International Yoga Festival 2024 in Mount Fuji Yamanakako June 8th

Press Release

June 8th, 2024, Yamanakako, Yamanashi Prefecture: A get-together event was held at Communication Plaza Kirara Yamanakako, the night prior to the yoga festival. The event was organized in wish to offer an opportunity for networking and socializing between those attending and organizing the big day. 

[Get-Together Event] International Yoga Festival 2024 in Mount Fuji Yamanakako.

Approximately 30 attendees joined the social event which included our yoga instructors, representatives from our sponsors and organizers (Jurlique, NPO Veg Project Japan, Yamanakako Tourism Association), as well as artists and sound crew helping out on the day etc. Guests were welcomed into the venue at 5:00 PM along with routine cards, PJF T-shirts, and flyers being handed out at reception. 

Vegan Meal by Vegetarian House Jamoo

The get-together was blessed with delicious vegan food prepared by Vegetarian House Jamoo who has also supported us greatly in making the big event happen. Attendees enjoyed a special vegan buddha bowl as well as lentil curry and a warming vegetable soup, all which included fresh, organic ingredients.

As attendees devoured their foods, several organizers, teachers, and representatives of our sponsors introduced themselves and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity as well as their enthusiasm for the yoga event.

Quiz contest & Vrikshasana contest

To enliven the get-together, two activities were incorporated in the evening, including a quiz contest and a Vrikshasana (tree pose) contest. The quiz was led by our Director / Sales Marketing Leader Yumi san and included questions ranging in various difficulties about yoga as well as Yamanakako. Instructions were simple; the first person to raise their hand and answer a question correctly was rewarded either a 10% off coupon at Nirvanam (Indian chain restaurant) or an eco-friendly steel straw which seemed to be popular amongst the guests.

In the Vrikshasana contest, guests competed on who can hold the pose for the longest. The room was filled with laughter and the activity had brightened the atmosphere greatly. The winner of the contest was rewarded with a hand cream by Jurlique, an Australian organic skincare brand who sponsored our yoga event.

Closing comment

The get-together was a great opportunity for fostering new relationships and building further enthusiasm and excitement for the event on the next day.

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