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PJF members gone through cultural exchange at Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park

Press Release

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan The 24th Thai Festival was a beautiful Thai culture held at Yoyogi Park on May 11th and 12th, 2024. Organised by the Thai Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the festival offered delicious food, traditional performances, and a chance to experience the beauty of Thailand.

Team PJF At 24th Thai Festival -  Yoyogi Park

Members of Patanjali Japan Foundation got the chance to attend the Thai Festival. PJF representatives enjoyed the joyful atmosphere, embracing the diversity and warmth of the event. PJF's presence at the Thai Festival not only fostered cultural exchange, but also provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the upcoming International Day of Yoga 2024 celebrations with distributed flyers and conversations sparked. 

Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) is partnering with Rakuten to promote the International Day of Yoga 2024 on June 9th in Yamanakako and June 16th in Koto Ku. We also distributed more than 1500 flyers to promote International Day of Yoga 2024.

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors For IDY 2024!

  • Nippon Travel Agency (NTA): Our silver sponsor, NTA, helped spread the word about the upcoming yoga events through their PR booth and Rakuten Mobile's network.

  • Rakuten: This event wouldn't be possible without Rakuten's support! They've been promoting their mobile network, which offers unlimited data and calls at an affordable price. Plus, their Rakuten Link app lets you stay connected with friends and family easily.

PJF's Yoga Routine: Your Gateway to a Healthier You!

PJF's Routine service of making a healthy Japanese society by providing daily online authentic yoga classes by experts certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of Bharat (India), is gaining popularity as regular practitioners emerge from stress and depression. Their day-to-day productivity is increasing manifold.

Now people can use Rakuten's data wisely to maintain their healthy lifestyle through the power of routine provided by PJF.

Looking forward to seeing you on International Day of Yoga 2024.

Schedule of International Day of Yoga 2024 planned at 4 different locations:

In conclusion, PJF had a wonderful time at the Thai Festival, exchanging cultures as well as sharing the benefits of yoga. They look forward to more events like this and invite everyone to join them for the International Day of Yoga 2024.

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