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Bharat Trip 2024 - Kanyakumari conference - February 2nd

Press Release

On February 2nd, 2024, Sh. Ashutosh Singh, Chief Sewa Officer & Representative Director at Patanjali Japan Foundation, and Yumi Ishida, Director and Sales and Marketing Leader were invited to Kanyakumari at “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM”.

The day started with a beautiful sunrise and the sightseeing of Kanyakumari beach. The soothing sound of the sea waves and the gentle morning breeze connected them with nature, making the walk enjoyable. They spent around an hour waiting for the sunrise, and the morning view of Surya dev (Sun) filled them with positive energy for the day ahead. 

It was a unique and beautiful moment. Ashutosh Sensei stated “I encourage everyone to visit this place and have your own special experience.”

Day 1 of the International Yoga Conference 

The “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM”, an International Yoga Conference, commenced on February 2nd, 2024. It began with the Patanjali Homam (Fire ritual) followed by various yoga sessions. These sessions focused on different aspects of yoga: one on asanas, the second on pranayama, and the third on meditation (dhyana). 

After the sessions, everyone enjoyed breakfast and attended the Inaugural session. This conference marked the 7th International Conference, with the theme being Yoga Upanishad. Scholars from different universities and parts of Bharat participated, presenting their papers on the topic. Ashutosh Sensei, Chief Sewa Officer (Representative Director) of Patanjali Japan Foundation, also presented a paper.

The presentations took place simultaneously in different halls, and attendees could freely join any presentation. In the evening, students from Vivekananda Kendra performed traditional dances. Ashutosh Sensei presented a paper titled "Mental stability by Pranav (Om) Dhyana, according to Dhyana Bindu Upanishad". He discussed Upanishads, the concept of Pranava, and the significance of Pranayama with Dhyana according to the Dhyana Bindu Upanishad. 

Many participants asked questions, especially about the practice of pranayama and dhyana. Varada Sensei assisted Ashutosh Sensei with the presentation, and Ashutosh Sensei hopes that more teachers will attend the conference and present papers in the future.

Day 2 Evening Yogasana Performance at the Temple 

On the evening of February 3rd, 2024, which was the second day of “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM”, many students from different universities and organisations showcased yoga asanas. There was a group demonstration where people of various age groups paired together and performed different yoga asanas. 

The performance included advanced yoga poses that amazed everyone. One yogi even demonstrated Nauli, which is a yogic practice of high level. Watching these demonstrations inspired members to challenge themselves to new yogic practices in the coming year.

Day 3 Valedictory Function 

On February 4th, 2024, the third and final day of “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM”, an afternoon valedictory function took place in the main hall. During this event, prominent guests and organisers expressed their thoughts and visions for the conference. A special ceremony was held for certifications and prize distribution to recognize those who presented papers in the conference and performed well in the yoga asana competitions. 

This part of the conference provided valuable insights, especially for those who may have viewed yoga merely as complex postures. The topics discussed were deep and knowledgeable, broadening the understanding of yoga beyond physical exercises.

The yoga asana demonstration and competition on this day offered a unique perspective, portraying yogasana as a sport with the potential to gain popularity worldwide in the future. It was an opportunity to showcase the athletic and competitive aspects of yoga, highlighting its versatility and appeal beyond traditional perceptions. The combination of intellectual discussions and practical demonstrations made the conference a well-rounded and enriching experience for participants.

Glimpse of Vivekananda Kendra

From February 2nd to 4th, 2024, all the participants shared meals together, creating a sense of family in a natural setting. Meals were served on real banana leaves i.e that traditional approach of South India, and interestingly, no spoons were used. The food provided was not only delicious but also very healthy and easy to digest. It was remarkable to see the commitment to sustainability and nature conservation, which has been practiced here for thousands of years. 

The meals offered a variety of dishes at different times, ensuring that there was hardly any repetition. The environment was surrounded by nature, offering a unique sense of peace and ease. Various birds, including the Peacock, the national bird of Bharat (India), freely roamed the area. Trees like neem, coconut, mango, banana, and other herbal plants added to the soothing experience. As Ashutosh Sensei mentioned, "I came back to my home," indicating the place's welcoming and open-hearted atmosphere that embraced everyone.

The world may talk about sustainability, but this place demonstrated sustainable practices in action. The meals were served on real banana leaves, eliminating the need for disposable plates, and no spoons were used, reducing the use of utensils. 

The commitment to sustainability was further evident in the natural surroundings, where various trees and plants coexisted in harmony. This not only provided a pleasant atmosphere but also reflected the long-standing tradition of caring for nature in the region. The sense of being at home and the acceptance with an open heart throughout the experience, creating a connection between the participants and the natural beauty that surrounded them.


The journey of Team Patanjali Japan Foundation at the Kanyakumari “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM” was amazing. They experienced the beauty of Kanyakumari, connected with nature, and felt the positive energy of the sunrise. The International Yoga Conference brought together people from different places to learn and share ideas about yoga.

In conclusion, the “YOGA SASTRA SANGAMAM”, held from February 2nd, 2024, marked a significant event in the realm of yoga. The conference, themed "Yoga Upanishad," brought together scholars from various universities, fostering discussions on diverse aspects of yoga. Attendees engaged in informative sessions, with a special focus on asanas, pranayama, and meditation. The vibrant exchange of ideas, coupled with cultural performances, showcased the conference's success in promoting the ancient wisdom of yoga for mental well-being and spiritual growth.

Sharing meals at Vivekananda Kendra created a family-like atmosphere, and the commitment to sustainability was impressive. Traditional South Indian meals served on banana leaves without spoons reflected the region's eco-friendly practices. 

The natural surroundings, with various trees and birds, added to the peaceful environment. The whole experience felt like coming back home, with an open-hearted embrace for everyone. The conference, filled with intellectual discussions and practical demonstrations, left a lasting connection between the participants and the beauty of nature.

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