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Ashutosh Sensei Awarded with YOG GURU OF THE YEAR, ASIA by Global Forttuna Excellence Award 2023

Press Release

Tokyo, Japan, – Mr. Ashutosh Singh, Representative Director & Chief Sewa Officer of Patanjali Japan Foundation, a renowned figure in the world of yoga , has been honoured with the prestigious title of "Yog Guru of the Year, Asia" by Forttuna Global Excellence 2023. 

This recognition is a testament to Singh's exceptional contributions to the field of yoga and his commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being in Japan as well as on a global scale.

The Yog Guru of the Year award is a recognition of Ashutosh Singh's commitment to spreading awareness about the numerous physical and mental health benefits of yoga. In addition to his teaching, Singh has actively engaged in philanthropic endeavours, using traditional approaches of yoga and ayurveda as a ROUTINE to create a society of zero stress, zero depression and zero suicide.

Upon receiving the award, Ashutosh Singh expressed his gratitude through the short video message, stating, "I am deeply honoured to receive the Yog Guru of the Year award from Forttuna Global Excellence 2023.“

Forttuna, a distinguished organisation recognizing outstanding achievements across various domains, has selected Ashutosh Singh for his unparalleled dedication to the practice and teachings of yoga. Ashutosh Singh's innovative approaches to a healthier lifestyle, vision and efforts are focused on physical health, mental aspects, spiritual aspects, as well as social & emotional aspects.

Forttuna Global Excellence is delighted to celebrate Ashutosh Singh's achievements and looks forward to witnessing the continued positive impact of his work on individuals and communities globally.

We are truly thankful to the entire Forttuna Global Excellence team for acknowledging the importance of yoga in fostering holistic health and personal transformation. This award has further fueled our commitment to contributing positively to the lives of individuals through the profound teachings of yoga.

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