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Yoga At Parliament 2023 - PJF Played Integral Role in Event

In a resounding celebration of unity and holistic well-being, Patanjali Japan Foundation proudly participated in a distinguished yoga session event hosted by the Parliamentary Yoga League. The event, held under the theme named "Harmony Through Asanas: The Role of Yoga in Resolving World Conflicts," brought together esteemed members of the Parliamentary Yoga League, renowned yoga practitioners, and representatives from various sectors to explore the transformative power of yoga in fostering global harmony.

Along with the Miss World Japan2023, Mr. Hakubun Shimomura, member of the House of Representatives with special speakers Dr Vandana Singh, Professor at UNESCO Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University, India. Peace activist associated with "Kiran: A Ray of Hope into Lives", A nonprofit organization of Varanasi, India and Dr Siddharth Singh, Professor, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India Former Director, Vivekananda Cultural Center also there.

In a world marred by geopolitical tensions and cultural divides, the age-old practice of yoga emerges as an unexpected yet powerful tool for building bridges and resolving conflicts. The event served as a testament to the potential of yoga to transcend boundaries and contribute to the establishment of a more peaceful and interconnected world.

Patanjali Japan Foundation, promoting traditional Indian wisdom, holistic wellness and yoga as a routine in Japan, played an integral role in the success of the event.

The foundation's commitment to spreading the benefits of yoga aligns seamlessly with the overarching theme of the session, emphasizing the role of yoga in resolving world’s conflict.

Key Highlights of the Event:

  • Harmony Through Asanas: Participants engaged in a series of yoga asanas (postures) designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The session aimed to showcase the harmony that can be achieved through the practice of yoga, both individually and collectively.

  • Insights from Distinguished Speakers: Eminent speakers from the fields of yoga, diplomacy, and academia shared their insights on how yoga can serve as a transformative force in resolving conflicts and promoting understanding among diverse communities.

  • Global Participation: The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from individuals representing different walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose in the pursuit of global harmony.

In conclusion, the Patanjali Japan Foundation extends its heartfelt gratitude to all members of the Parliamentary Yoga League and others who have dedicated their time and efforts to the noble cause of promoting yoga and holistic well-being.

As we express our appreciation, we also look forward to continue collaboration and shared achievements in the journey towards a more balanced and enlightened society. Thank you everyone for your invaluable contributions.

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