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IDY 2023 Celebration At Parliament of Japan

Happy and honored to be a part of one more event organized by Parliament of Japan on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2023.

Ashutosh Singh sensei offered Yoga asana session after speeches of respected assembly members.

The occasion was even more memorable with the presence of ambassador of India H.E Mr Sibi George.

He shared his thoughts about how yoga can help all individuals gain peace of mind in any situation.

We thank Japan government for this wonderful opportunity.

Don't miss the Patanjali Japan Foundation's biggest International Day of Yoga Grand Finale 2023.

We want to share information and requests for the grand finale on June 18th.

June 18th Grand Finale:

1. The reception starts at 8:30.

2. Please arrive early as we have received registrations over capacity.

3. Please bring a yoga mat.

4. Please bring water.

5. Eating and drinking are prohibited.

6. An empty stomach is recommended.

7. After the event, you can enjoy lunch at the Norakurodo shopping street.

8. Please come in comfortable clothes.

9. We will also be streaming on Zoom that day, so if you are away from Tokyo, please join us on the same Zoom every day.

About the questionnaire:

We have prepared a questionnaire.

Please fill in your valuable feedback. Link:

About the sewa yogi campaign:

1. The care yogi campaign is being implemented by June 21st.

2. Only a limited number of people can enroll and participate in unlimited online yoga classes daily by real yoga teachers (not video).

3. Recommended for those who want to include yoga in their daily routine.

4. You can apply immediately for 1980 yen per month.

5. Applications will only be accepted until June 21st.

6. Link:

Those who have not applied for the Grand Finale:

Please register in advance if you'd like to join us in person for the grand finale.

We are excited to see you on June 18th.

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