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International Yoga Festival 2024 In Mount Fuji Yamanakako June 9th

Updated: Jun 25

Press Release

June 9th, 2024, Yamanakako, Yamanashi Prefecture: The first ever International Yoga Festival in Mount Fuji Yamanakako 2024 happened at Communication Plaza Kirara Yamanakako on June 9th, 2024. This picturesque location, nestled at the foot of the iconic Mount Fuji, provided a serene and inspiring backdrop for our event, enhancing the overall yoga experience.

The successful execution of the event was a testament to the collaborative efforts of several key organizations, and it also had a significant positive impact on the local community. The International Yoga Festival, organized by the 一般社団法人Patanjali Japan Foundation, in close collaboration with the Embassy of India, Yamanakako Village, Yamanakako Tourism Association, Yamanakako Board of Education, and NPO Veg Project Japan, brought increased tourism, cultural exchange, and a sense of wellness to the Yamanakako area.

Opening of the Event

Guests were welcomed into the venue at 8:30AM along with a beautiful, soothing kirtan performance on stage by Ayumi san and Yukimi san. The music helped set the tone for the day and participants gradually began setting up their yoga mats.

The opening ceremony of the International Yoga Festival in Mount Fuji Yamanakako was a grand affair, starting with Sachiko Ito's mesmerizing performance of the traditional dance of Bharat (India), Odissi. This dance, performed with grace and precision, was a fitting welcome to the guests and a beautiful inauguration of the ceremony.

Speeches by Representatives 

Chief guests Mayor of Yamanakako Village Mr. Shoichiro Takamura, Chairman of Yamanakako Tourism Association Mr. Joji Horiuchi, Chairman of Yamanakako Board of Education, Mr. Kimio Hada, Yamanashi Prefecture Tourism, Culture and Sports Department Deputy Director Sports Strategy Promotion Supervisor Mr. Takeyasu Sanada, and NPO Veg Project Representative Director Ms. Haruko Kawano embraced the event with their presence.

In his speech, Mr. Soichiro Takamura san emphasized the centuries-long cultural connection between Bharat and Japan, which formed a powerful bond between the two countries. His vision of promoting wellness tourism and involving Yoga as an important part of making a healthy society was very well communicated to the audience.

Ashutosh Sensei moved the headquarters of Patanjali Japan Foundation in August 2023 in wish to eventually establish Yamanakako as a Health Factory. He aims to make people healthy by bringing people from cities like Tokyo, where people live in stressful conditions. They come to Yamanakako, become physically and mentally stable, learn a better way of life, and incorporate it into their daily routine after returning to the city.

"Yoga is the Foundation of life, and it is a basic need in our daily routine, especially in this fast-moving life where everyone is running behind something and stuck in the vicious cycle of life. Yoga helps break this vicious cycle and recharges the body and mind daily," stated Ashutosh Sensei.

PJF members also remembered our prominent pillar, Ms. Dhanashree Date sensei, who passed away recently and gave a silent prayer in her remembrance. She is the Director, founding member, and teacher's head of the Department of PJF.  

Common Yoga Protocol and Pranayama

After the opening ceremony, there was a short break, and the professional yoga teachers performed common yoga protocol on the stage while live traditional music played in the background. Players included Tabla performer Kazuto Sashihara, Santoor performer Akira Takahashi, and Sarangi performer Shinsuke Nishizawa.

The 45-minute Common Yoga Protocol session was led by PJF member Luly sensei and demonstrated by Erisa sensei (a Kirara yoga teacher) and Ai sensei (Fuji Goko Ambassador). The protocol was designed to be practiced on the International Day of Yoga and passed by the United Nations. 

The Steering committee, under the leadership of the Ministry of AYUSH (Government of Bharat), designed the Common Yoga Protocol, which is a sequence of yoga asanas for beginners to practice without much effort.

Part 3 was designed as one of the unique contents of PJF. The pranayama special yoga session was led by Ashutosh Sensei, and Yumi, our Director and Sales leader. This program included the silver triangle (Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom, and Bhramri) while listening to traditional music and watching a Bharatanatyam performance by Sachiko san.

Our one-hour pranayama program was designed to enhance one’s well-being. It involves high oxygen intake, balancing both sides of the brain, and calming one’s mind by vibrating the brain cells. The meditation that followed pranayama for more than 15 minutes was a moment of complete silence, allowing participants to connect with their inner self.

In her concluding remarks, Yumi expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the team members, volunteers, and supporters. She also thanked our sponsors and collaborators, whose invaluable contributions made this event possible.

Food Trucks, Hot Water Footbath, etc!

In this unique Yoga festival, multiple kitchen cars with various vegan food and drinks joined, offering a healthy and fresh post-yoga practice meal. Jurlique, the renowned Australian organic skin care product company, provided hot water footbaths, gave yogis a natural massage, and presented natural oil. The yogis filled all the booths, and they could enjoy the yoga festival as a one-day yogic family holiday. This unique experience sets our festival apart.  

All the attendees received a Routine card to join three months of free yoga classes provided by PJF daily by the yoga experts. Daily yoga classes help people relieve stress and become physically strong and mentally calm. Because Yoga is integral to everyone's daily routine, the card is named Routine Card.

Closing Comments 

Yoga practice in a little cooler temperature while watching Mount Fuji on the stage and listening to the soothing music was a perfect environment, and everything in this universe felt connected. This connection is Yoga!

Over 200 people attended the event, which was covered by the newspaper Sannichi Shimbun of Yamanashi prefecture

We are deeply grateful to all the volunteers, members, and supporters whose unwavering dedication and hard work over the last many months made this event a resounding success. We eagerly look forward to conducting the event next year with your continued passion and support.

We are looking forward to the following yoga events this month:

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Schedule of International Day of Yoga 2024 planned at four different locations:

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19. kesäk.

As an Indian yoga enthusiast, I loved reading about your International Day of Yoga event in Fuji, Yamanakako! The stunning scenery of Mount Fuji must have made the experience even more special. It's heartwarming to see yoga bringing people together across the world. Namaste! 🙏🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

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