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Patanjali Japan Foundation Delegates Explored Opportunities with Swiss Learning Event in Delhi

Delhi, India: On January 31st, 2024, the esteemed delegation from the Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) made a visit to the Switzerland Embassy in Delhi to attend their “Swiss Learning event”. The team of PJF and One World Alliance approached the event as an opportunity to explore the educational system in Switzerland, which is highly-recognized and commended in other parts of the world.

The Embassy of Switzerland in India, in partnership with Swiss Learning and Kapoor Watch Co., recently hosted a collaborative event aimed at fostering cultural exchange and educational dialogue. The event, held at a prestigious venue in Delhi, provided a platform for meaningful interactions and collaboration opportunities between key stakeholders from Switzerland and India.

Switzerland and Japan Share Similar Models of Education

As many know, Switzerland and Japan share similar models of education based on principles of ethics, values, quality, innovations, and inclusivity. They are good examples of the term “hospitality country” that see the power and value in education and Bharat surely has a lot to learn from these two countries.

During their visit, the PJF delegates seized a valuable opportunity during a cocktail event to connect with the Directors of Switzerland's most esteemed schools and camps, and engaged in comprehensive discussions with representatives from Swiss Learning, delving into the institution's beliefs, academic programs, and vision for education in India.

In addition to discussions with Swiss Learning representatives, the PJF delegation also interacted with attendees and visitors at the event, exchanging ideas and insights on education and cultural exchange. The event provided a platform for fruitful dialogue and networking, further strengthening the bond between Switzerland and India.

The visit concluded with the PJF delegation expressing gratitude to Swiss Learning for their warm welcome and informative discussions. The exchange of ideas and perspectives marks a promising beginning of Swiss education in India with the shared goal of advancing education and empowering students.


The visit concluded with PJF members feeling inspired to create even stronger international relationships in order to maximize our services. Right now PJF is looking to exchange values of Bharat and Japan with each other but in future, they look forward to making ties with the Swiss education.

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