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Patanjali Japan Foundation Team & Our Delegation Delighted by Spectacular Republic Day Parade

Press Release

New Delhi, India: On January 26th, 2024, the esteemed delegation from Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) embarked on a memorable visit to Delhi to witness the 75th Republic Day Parade on Friday, joined by President Droupadi Murmu and her French counterpart Emanuel Macron.

Amidst the vibrant celebrations marking India's democratic heritage, Shri Ashutosh Singh, Chief Sewa Officer & Representative Director at Patanjali Japan Foundation; Yumi Ishida, Director and Sales and Marketing Leader; Mr. Yasuhiro Matsou, CEO (Labor and Social Security Attorney), WeNeed Inc. Japan; and Ms. Deepika Singh, Founder and Managing Director at eSpot Web Solutions immersed themselves in the colorful pageantry and cultural diversity showcased during the parade.

In this cold thunder weather, the PJF team enjoyed a remarkable Republic Day Parade. They celebrated the 75th Republic Day with joy and enthusiasm. This parade had a good spotlight on women empowerment or “Nari Shakti”. Hundreds of women artists played music and a women's army showcased a march on “Kartavya path” saluting the Indian Flag and our honorable President and Prime Minister. The parade includes impressive displays of military hardware, including tanks, artillery, missiles, and other advanced weaponry, showcasing India's defense capabilities.

They also enjoyed sky shots by our Airforce Army. The Indian Air Force conducted a breathtaking flypast, featuring various aircraft formations, including fighter jets, transport planes, helicopters, and aerobatic displays, leaving trails of colorful smoke in the sky.

Spectacular Republic Day Parade Includes:

The Republic Day Parade in India on January 26th is a grand event that showcases the nation's rich cultural heritage, military strength, and diversity. The parade typically includes the following components:

Flag Hoisting Ceremony: The President of India hoists the national flag at Rajpath, followed by the singing of the national anthem.

March Past: A colorful parade of regiments from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as paramilitary forces and cadets from various institutions, march in perfect synchronization, displaying discipline and precision.

Tableaus: Each state and union territory of India presents a tableau showcasing its unique culture, heritage, and development achievements. These tableaus often depict historical events, festivals, art forms, and landmarks of the region.

Cultural Performances: Folk dances, music, and other cultural performances from different states and regions of India are showcased, highlighting the country's rich and diverse cultural tapestry.


Ashutosh Singh conveyed the team's sentiments, stating, "It was a moment of immense pride and happiness for us. Witnessing the Republic Day Parade, with its vibrant colors and patriotic fervor, further strengthened our appreciation for India's rich cultural heritage. We are grateful for this opportunity.”

The PJF team expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality extended to them during their visit to witness this significant celebration of India's democratic spirit. The experience has deepened their understanding of India's cultural richness and has left a lasting impression on the entire delegation.

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