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PJF Team Get-Together in Kanagawa: Charting the Path for Future Growth

Kanagawa, 23rd Dec 2023 — Patanjali Japan Foundation, a leading health & wellness organisation, recently convened its global team for a strategic get-together in the city of Kanagawa. The event served as a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, celebration of our journey and the formulation of ambitious plans for the company's future growth.

The gathering, held on 23rd Dec 2023 05:00 PM JST to 08:00 PM JST at Shagun (Mizonokuchi), brought together key team members, teachers, executives, and Volunteers from various locations across Japan.

Discussions Focused on Future Growth Plans:

The primary agenda of the team get-together centred around shaping the PJF’s mission and vision, as well as future growth trajectory. Attendees engaged in comprehensive discussions on market trends, emerging technologies, and innovative strategies to position Patanjali Japan Foundation as an industry leader.

Key topics included:

Market Expansion: Exploring opportunities for expanding market presence in strategic Japanese regions.

Collaboration: Strengthening internal and external collaborations to foster mutual growth.

Sustainability: Integrating sustainable practices into business operations for long-term success.

The event featured collaborative workshops, brainstorming sessions, and team-building activities aimed at fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork. Attendees had the opportunity to share insights and experiences laying the foundation for a unified and forward-thinking approach.

Celebrating Successes:

In addition to strategic discussions, the get-together provided a platform to celebrate recent successes and milestones achieved by Patanjali Japan Foundation. With the support of all team members and volunteers, we have reached a steady, recognisable position in Japan. You can find the overall journey so far in the link below

The year 2023 was very active for us. Many new things happened this year.

  • We started a new yoga class at 6:00 PM in January. We conducted 75+ Days of daily yoga, celebrating International Day of Yoga with the Grand Finale at Fukagawa Elementary School, Koto-Ku.

  • Our Chief Sewa Officer, Ashutosh Sensei, received an outstanding leadership award in the healthcare industry in Dubai.

  • We have shifted our headquarters to Yamanakako at the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

  • We started a daily yoga class for companies to boost their overall health and efficiency.

  • Many yoga awareness programs were conducted, including at the Parliament of Japan, Mitsubishi Estate, Biotopia, Koto-Ku, etc.

  • We have completed 1,000 days of the Daily Morning Pranayama special yoga program and 500 days of evening daily yoga classes. In total, over 1700+ yoga shivir/sessions. Currently, we provide more than 80 yoga classes by real teachers every month.

  • We also started newsletters for our yogis and audience to share regular event updates and health tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Our team is growing steadily with the policy of Unite and Grow, and we have completed one year of PJF’s official establishment.

  • Despite many challenges, with our principles of excellence of "Tapa," we were able to overcome the challenges as a team and move towards making a healthy and happy society.

Looking Ahead:

The team get-together concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and unity among participants. Patanjali Japan Foundation is poised to implement the insights gained during these discussions, with a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable growth as a team.

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