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Patanjali Japan Foundation Explores Collaboration Opportunities with KIET for Agniveer Program

Press Release

Ghaziabad, India, 30 Jan 2024: The Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) delegation, comprising Sh. Ashutosh Singh, Chief Sewa Officer & Representative Director at Patanjali Japan Foundation; Yumi Ishida, Director and Sales and Marketing Leader; Mr. Yasuhiro Matsou, CEO (Labor and Social Security Attorney), WeNeed Inc. Japan; Mr. Samepal Singh, Founder and Director of One World Alliance; and Ms. Deepika Singh, Founder and Managing Director at eSpot Web Solutions, was cordially welcomed by KIET (Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology) for a collaborative discussion on the Agniveer Japan program. The meeting, held on January 30th, 2024, aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership between PJF and KIET in promoting skill development and innovation.

PJF Received Warm Welcome by Team KIET & Interaction With Students

The delegation was warmly received by Dr. Preeti Chitkara, Head of Public Relations & International Relations, and Associate Professor of Communications at KIET. The meeting commenced with two engaging sessions attended by students from various disciplines.

The first session, attended by approximately 150 students, was followed by a larger gathering of around 450 students in the second session. During these sessions, the PJF delegation had the opportunity to present the Agniveer Japan program to the students, elucidating its objectives and potential impact on skill development and innovation in Japan.

Mr. Yahuhiro (Yespee San) Make Environment Quite Enthusiastic

The enthusiastic participation of the students was evident as they eagerly engaged with the presentation and expressed their excitement about the proposed collaboration. Mr. Yasuhiro, fondly known as Yespee San, played a pivotal role in creating a lively and enthusiastic environment, further energizing the audience and fostering engagement.

Valuable Discussion with KEIT Faculty & Thoughts Exchange

In addition to engaging with students, the PJF delegation also held discussions with representatives from KIET, including the Director in-charge, Dr. Monoj Goel, Joint Director, and Additional Director. Dr. Preeti Chitkara, Dr. Anil Ahlawat, Director, Dr. Shailesh Tiwari, Additional Director, Dean, HOD and Head PR, Dr. Madhu Gautam, Assistant Head, International Relations, s. Dr. Abhinav Juneja, HOD CSIT, Dr. Aadesh Pandey, Dean IT, Dr. K. Nagarajan, Principal, KIET School of Pharmacy, Dr. Vibhav Sachan, Dean R&D, Dr. Rekha Kashyap, HOD, CSE (AI & AIML), Dr. Vineet Sharma, HOD, CSE, Ms. Silky Kharalia, Professor CSIT, Ms. Bhavana, Professor CSE (AIML), Ms. Shivani, Professor CS, Mr. Mayank Tyagi, Professor IT, and Dr. Praveen Dixit, Prof. KSOP were also present during the meeting. The delegation presented the Agniveer program in detail, highlighting its relevance and potential benefits for students.


Reflecting on the meeting, Sh. Ashutosh Singh expressed optimism about the potential collaboration with KIET. He stated, "We are delighted by the warm reception and enthusiasm displayed by the students and faculty at KIET. The Agniveer Japan program holds immense promise in empowering students with essential skills and knowledge.

The representatives from KIET expressed keen interest in the proposed collaboration and acknowledged the value of the Agniveer program in enhancing students' skills and employability. Discussions were held regarding the modalities of collaboration. Now we have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with them. The representatives of PJF are now working on further progress of KIET in the Agniveer Japan Program.

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