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Patanjali Japan Foundation 2023 - Year Summary, Interactive Sessions, Awards & More…

Yamanakako, Yamanashi, Japan - Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) is delighted to present a comprehensive overview of its activities throughout the year, highlighting significant milestones, community engagements, and initiatives aimed at promoting the holistic benefits of yoga and Ayurveda.

👉🏻 Course Launching: "A New Life with Yoga Starts Here"

PJF kicked off the year with the launch of an inspiring course titled "A New Life with Yoga Starts Here," designed to introduce individuals to the transformative power of yoga and guide them on a journey to enhanced well-being.

👉🏻 Introduction at Kita Kawasaki Corporate Association Meeting

At the annual meeting of the Kita Kawasaki Corporate Association, Patanjali Japan Foundation introduced its mission and vision, fostering awareness about the profound impact of yoga on physical, mental, and spiritual health.

👉🏻 Courtesy Visit to Chief of Kita Kawasaki Tax Office

Ashutosh Singh, Chief Sewa Officer of Patanjali Japan Foundation, paid a courtesy visit to the Chief of Kita Kawasaki Tax Office, fostering positive relationships within the local community.

👉🏻 International Day of Yoga 2023 at Tsukiji-Hongwanji Temple

In collaboration with the embassy, PJF celebrated the International Day of Yoga 2023 at the Tsukiji-Hongwanji Temple, emphasizing the global significance of yoga as a means to promote harmony and well-being.

👉🏻 IDY 2023 Yog Mahotsav Offline Event

Patanjali Japan Foundation organized a Yog Mahotsav offline event in commemoration of the International Day of Yoga, providing a platform for enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the ancient practice.

👉🏻 PJF Logo Launching

The unveiling of Patanjali Japan Foundation's distinctive logo marked a symbolic moment, representing the foundation's commitment to spreading the wisdom of yoga.

👉🏻 PJF Attended Event Organized by the Parliament of Japan

Patanjali Japan Foundation actively participated in an event organized by the Parliament of Japan on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2023, contributing to the nationwide celebration of this transformative practice.

👉🏻 Yoga Retreat Launching at Kerala with Collaboration with K’shiki

In collaboration with K’shiki, PJF launched a rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Kerala, offering participants an immersive experience in the birthplace of yoga.

👉🏻 Ashutosh Sensei Invited to Health 2.0 Conference 2023, Dubai

Chief Sewa Officer, Ashutosh Singh, was invited as a distinguished speaker at the Health 2.0 Conference 2023 in Dubai, where he shared insights on the intersection of yoga, wellness, and modern healthcare.

👉🏻 DEN PJF Headquarters Unveiling

Patanjali Japan Foundation proudly presented the DEN PJF Headquarters, a dedicated space for fostering the practice of yoga and promoting holistic well-being as well as yoga retreat stays..

👉🏻 Kartik Purnima Event and Symbiotic Society Event Norakurodo Koto-Ku Tokyo

PJF actively participated in the Kartik Purnima Event and the Symbiotic Society Event in Norakurodo Koto-Ku Tokyo, further strengthening its ties with the local community.

The event featured a series of spiritual activities, including temple puja, prayers, sacred tree plantation, and a cultural program that commenced with the ancient practice of Pranayama. 

👉🏻 101 Days of Pranayama Challenge

In an initiative to promote mindful breathing, PJF launched the "101 Days of Pranayama Challenge," encouraging participants to incorporate the benefits of pranayama into their daily lives.

👉🏻 PJF Yoga Shivir at BIOTOPIA MeBYO Valley

BIOTOPIA MeBYO Valley played host to a transformative Yoga Shivir organized by Patanjali Japan Foundation, promoting the integration of yoga into a natural and serene environment.

👉🏻 Yoga and Ayurveda Introduction at Mitsubishi Estate by Ashutosh Singh

Ashutosh Singh led an insightful session introducing yoga and Ayurveda at Mitsubishi Estate, fostering awareness of holistic health practices within corporate settings. He has explained what Yoga is, its goals, and the various paths of Yoga. He also clarified how the image of Yoga and Ayurveda has been distorted and explained the real meaning and purposes of Yoga and Ayurveda. 

👉🏻Professional Yoga Certification Exam in Tokyo

In a commitment to advancing the standards of yoga education, PJF Chief Sewa Officer attends the Professional Yoga Certification Exam in Tokyo as a yoga examiner, recognizing and certifying qualified practitioners. The event, held in Tokyo on 3rd December 2023, showcased the dedication and proficiency of aspiring yoga practitioners. 

👉🏻 12 Amazing Interactive Sessions/Webinars

Throughout the year, PJF conducted 12 engaging interactive sessions and webinars, providing a platform for individuals to deepen their understanding of yoga, holistic wellness, and Ayurveda. Interactive sessions were based on various health topics.

👉🏻 一般社団法人Patanjali Japan Foundation delivered yoga sessions at Yamanakako Wellness Event

A wellness tourism program was delivered on the 16th and 17th of December by the initiative of the Yamanakako Tourism Department. The two-day monitor program was designed to spread the idea of “wellness” as a tourism style, as well as to promote Yamanako and its landscapes as a desirable location for tourists. 

👉🏻 Ashutosh Sensei Awarded with YOG GURU OF THE YEAR, ASIA by Global Forttuna Excellence Award 2023

Mr. Ashutosh Singh, Representative Director & Chief Sewa Officer of Patanjali Japan Foundation, a renowned figure in the world of yoga , has been honoured with the prestigious title of "Yog Guru of the Year, Asia" by Forttuna Global Excellence 2023. 

This recognition is a testament to Singh's exceptional contributions to the field of yoga and his commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being in Japan as well as on a global scale.

👉🏻 PJF Year End Get-Together

Recently convened its global team for a strategic get-together in the city of Kanagawa. The event served as a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, celebration of our journey and the formulation of ambitious plans for the company's future growth.

After the resounding success of 2023, the PJF (Patanjali Japan Foundation) extends heartfelt wishes for a joyous and healthy life ahead. As we reflect on the achievements and milestones of the past year, we are filled with gratitude for the support and contributions that have propelled us toward success. 

👉🏻 Message by Ashutosh Sensei (Representative Director of PJF)

"Namaste, Good morning, Ohayo Gozaimasu and Suprabhat, Happy New Year!

2023 brought us many changes, and we have witnessed overall growth despite many personal challenges. I am moved by seeing the hard work and team spirit of my team members to give all our yogis a better lifestyle. We have provided more than 1980 Yoga Classes daily without delay and never missed. This is an outstanding achievement and could be achieved only by positive collaboration within our team.

Our team has seen significant growth in terms of quality and numbers.

I would like to thank all our teachers who gave their time and effort daily, starting from Dhanashree sensei, Varada sensei, Aman sensei, Soko sensei, Nivedita sensei, Genboku sensei, Yoko sensei.

Our backend team members Sachi, Harshit, Raveena, Yoko san, and all the Guest teachers and volunteers helped us in all our events and activities, including International Day of Yoga.Soko sensei, Ganesh sensei, Aashaa sensei, Shangrila sensei, Gautami sensei, Sachiko sensei, Shailesh Pillai sensei, Sashihara san, Nobuhiro san, Shinsuke san, Kaname san, Sasho san, Dai chan, Rajesh san, Aya san, Tomoeda san, Marina Nozaki san, Emiko Nakagawa san, Hatsumi Goto san, Maki Sato san,, Naoko Iida san, Mikoto Shinbori san, Natsuki Ogata san, Ashwini san, Gopika san,, Kadalebasapla san, Kripali san, Sandeep san, Ayumi Isono san, Shiori Tanaka san, Maki Kunijima san, Mari Hayashi san, Satoshi Onodera (DELA) san, Haruna kamada san, Asaoka san, Aya san; Thank you so much for your support. Only with your support could we accomplish this impossible-looking goal together.

Our new team members are passionate about their work and motivate me to move forward with new energy. Yumi (I usually say the female version of Ashutosh) has joined PJF as Director and Sales and Marketing Leader. We share the same vision and passion and devote ourselves to making everyone healthy and happy.

Deepika has been working hard for many years, establishing her company in Bharat (India) and joining us as Coordinator. Shoko san, Yuri sama, and other members who joined us, we welcome you to the PJF family.

We welcome you to the PJF Family.

I also thank all our collaborators, including from the Embassy of India, Tokyo, Kaname san, Yamanakako Wellness department, and others for keeping trust in us to provide a better service for making a healthy society.

The most important is our yogis, for whom we all work hard. Your love and support are making us move forward continuously. When you become healthy and happy, then we feel that our goal is achieved.

The year 2024 will be very exciting for all of us, and hopefully, many new things will happen.

We want to unite and grow together. So, I invite you to join this holistic and beautiful journey to make ourselves healthy and our surroundings healthy. I firmly believe that we together can achieve this goal of zero stress, zero depression, and zero suicide in Japanese society with the traditional approach of yoga and Ayurveda.

Thank you, and happy new year again!"

Ashutosh Singh

Chief Sewa Officer (Representative Director)

一般社団法人Patanjali Japan Foundation

As Patanjali Japan Foundation concludes this eventful year, it reaffirms its commitment to promoting the timeless wisdom of yoga, fostering community engagement, and contributing to the well-being of individuals and society at large. For more information, visit

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