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Yoga For Backpain - Live & Interactive Session October 2021

Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) successfully concluded its Yoga For Backpain Monthly Interactive Session. The session was presented by Mr. Ashutosh Sensei (Chief Sewa Officer, PJF) and discussion was led by Ms Suhani Sensei, Ms. Dhanashree sensei (Yoga Teacher, PJF) and Ms. Sara sensei (Yoga Teacher, PJF).

PJF completed 400 days of ‘Daily morning Pranayama special Yoga session’ on 28th of September. In September, a total number of 100 unique Yogis participated in morning sessions which included 5 'Kesari'/Saffron belt Yogis, 14 'Shwet'/White belt Yogis and 81 'Hari'/Green belt Yogis.

Explanation of Yoga For Backpain

As per the researches 60 percent of corporates people are suffering from the backpain issue. & they are looking for the permanent solution for this. So this webinar is generally dedicated to students and corporate peoples suffering from back pain. In this webinar

Sara sensei had walk us through the various factors which cause the backpain & how yoga poses can help us and Dhanashree sensei explained the easy yoga poses to cure the Backpain completely. According to a recent study, practicing yoga may help men & women with backpain (lower and upper).

Yoga is a mind-body therapy that is frequently recommended to treat not only back pain but also the stress that it causes.

  • Child's Pose (Balasana)

  • Reclined Pigeon Pose

  • Cat/Cow

  • Sphinx Pose

  • Downward Facing Dog

  • Standing Forward Bend

  • Reclined Supine Twist

In order to know how to do & precautions of each yoga poses for back pain. Click here.

Collaboration with the Yoga for Unity (Online Morning Yoga)

We have collaborated with the Yoga for Unity team. Our Daily Stress Management Pranayama Session Without Any Registration Free of Cost is also telecasted live on Yoga For Unity YouTube channel.

Check complete playlist here: Complete Playlist (Yoga For Unity)

Regular Yoga Session (Monday - Friday) Daily Evening

We are also conducting daily regular yoga classes for all problems like stress management, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, PCOS, weight gain/loss, smooth and healthy skin & much more...

New Announcement: Daily Regular yoga classes will be conducted from 08:00 PM JST (Monday - Friday) till next official update.

If you wish to take regular yoga classes at your own time, Please coordinate with our team.

👉 You Can Apply For Live Yoga Classes - Live Yoga Classes Onlineオンラインヨガクラス

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Yoga As Life Style(呼吸法)2020年10月インタラクティブセッション

2020年10月18日 平日毎朝実践中の 呼吸法に特化したZoomOnline インタラクティブセッションがありました 呼吸法を日々実践する中で だんだんと穏やかに続けられるようになったり、集中の中で静けさを感じられるようになってきのではないでしょうか? また、実践の中で『これは何の意味があるのだろう?』 と色々な疑問がわいてきた方が 多くいらっしゃるのではないかと思います 私自身、呼吸法を始めた


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