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Asana Type:

Target Body Part:

Difficulty Level:

YCB Level:

Lying down



Level 1


Cobra is most commonly performed as part of a Sun Salutation. In the Vinyasa sequence, it is an alternative to Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana). It is, however, a powerful backbend in its own right, so it is worthwhile to devote some time to working on this pose in isolation.

Cobra with the arms bent is sometimes referred to as Baby Cobra. If you straighten your arms, you've reached Full Cobra, but don't rush to get there.

How to do


Step 1

Lie down on your stomach.

Step 2

Slowly raise your trunk and head using only your palms for support. The elbows of the arms should be bent.

Step 3

Look up with your neck slightly arched backwards.

Step 4

Make sure your navel is flat against the floor.

Step 5

Press your toes into the floor to apply pressure. Then, spread them out. Hold the pose for a few seconds.


Benefits of


  1. Helps to strengthen the spine

  2. Stretches the chest and lungs, as well as the shoulders and abdomen.

  3. Sculpts the buttocks

  4. It stimulates the abdominal organs.

  5. Aids in the relief of stress and fatigue

  6. Allows the heart and lungs to open.

  7. Sciatica relief

  8. Asthmatic treatment

  9. The male and female reproductive systems are becoming more efficient.

  10. Menstrual cycle irregularities are also addressed.

  11. Your face will appear more radiant as blood circulation improves.

Cautions of


  1. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or an injury to your back, arms, or shoulders, you should avoid Cobra Pose. You should also avoid it if you have recently had abdominal surgery or are pregnant.

  2. If you feel any strain in your lower back, relax the pose and lower yourself to rest on your forearms.

Note: All the asanas and pranayama should be performed under the guidance of your certified yoga teacher.

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