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Thyroid, parathyroid & Blood pressure


Level 1


The position of this asana is similar to the one adopted by rabbits and hence the name. The calming effects of this asana relax the body releasing all the stress and anxiety, along with it there several other benefits Shashankasana.

How to do


Steps 1 

Sit in Vajrasana with your palms on your thighs, right above your knees. Close your eyes and relax your entire body.

Steps 2 

Take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head. Elbows must be straight, maintain shoulder width apart distance between the arms.

Steps 3 

Exhale and move your torso forward direction. Bend from the pelvic area rather than the spine.

Steps 4

Maintain a small bend in the arms and place the hands, forehead, and elbows on the mat. The arms must be in front of the knees at all times. This is the last and most important position.

Steps 5 

Hold the pose for as long as you feel comfortable. It could be anything from a minute to five minutes of practise.

Benefits of


  1. It also controls how the adrenal glands function.

  2. It helps women with an undeveloped pelvis by toning the pelvic muscles and the sciatic nerves.

  3. It aids in the treatment of both male and female reproductive organ diseases.

  4. Constipation is relieved by regular practise.

  5. It reduces anger and has a calming impact on the mind.

Cautions of


  1. Avoid Child's Pose if you have a knee injury. If you are pregnant, spread your legs wider and don't press your stomach onto your thighs. 

  2. If you have a shoulder injury, keeping your arms by your side will provide the most support. If you feel any pain, ease out of the pose.

Note: All the asanas and pranayama should be performed under the guidance of your certified yoga teacher.

Let's come together and build a Stress free, Depression free and Suicide free Japanese society with the power of Yoga!

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