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At Desk Yoga For Corporates People - Easy Poses Everyone Can Do - Enhance Productivity

People working in the corporates culture, This article is for you. Working in the corporate culture can came up with the many problems like mental stress, neck pain, backpain, headache, solder pain and much more. The only one solution is to do corporate yoga poses. Let's begin.

Below I am listing out some exercises and corporate yoga poses, that can be done by people in office also on their desk. These exercises can be done without without any equipment

Yoga While Sitting at Your Desk

  • Corporate Ardha Tadasana (コーポレート ハーフ ターダサナ)

  • Sukshma Vyayama For Neck (首のためにスークシャマヴャヤーマ)

  • Mouse Problem Sukshma Vyayama (スークシャマヴャヤーマ(マウスよく使う方のために))

  • Corporate Ardha Chakrasana (コーポレート アラダ チャカラサナ)

  • Sukshma vyayama for ankle (足首のためにスークシャマヴャヤーマ)

  • Corporate Anulom Vilom (コーポレート アヌローム ヴィローム)

  • Corporate Uttan Mandukasana (コーポレート ウッタン マンドゥーカサナ)

  • Sukshma vyayama for Head and neck (頭と首のためにスークシャマヴャヤーマ)

  • Corporate Bhramri (コーポレート ブラムリー)

Above mentioned exercises are also known as easy Exercise to do While Sitting. As we are professionals and officer workers, we sit all the day in the office so many questions came in our mind-

1- What exercises can be done during working hours ?

2- What are the exercises to do while sitting on a chair ?

3 - What are the best sitting exercises for the corporate culture peoples ?

4- What are the exercises to do while sitting in class for students ?

You will get all the answers in this blogs .

#1. Corporate Ardha Tadasana

Whenever you are tired, working at your desk, your body can't inhale properly, so this is one of the best asana to do while sitting on the desk. After doing this you will feel more energetic.

#2. Sukshma Vyayama For Neck

Your neck can be feel freeze during the working day in the office. When we work continuously in the office without any physical moments, blood circulation of upper back and neck area start freezing slowly. So this corporate Sukshma Vyayama For Neck is going to be the very helpful.

#3. Mouse Problem Sukshma Vyayama

Using mouse in the office is necessary for everyone. It enhance the speed of work, along with that it came with the wrist pain, palm pain and arms blood freezing problems. As per the research we got to know that, when employees or corporate workers used a lot of mouse, the blood cells start freezing themselves due to the lack of inactivity . It become more problematic if are not aware to do the specified Mouse Problem Sukshma Vyayama .

#4. Corporate Vakrasana

It's a sitting version of vakrasana, So we called this corporate vakrasana. This is one of the best asana (exercise) for your back and waist without leaving your desk. This asana also helps to get good flexibility in the waist.

#5. Sukshma Vyayama For Ankle

During the office work hours we doesn't move enough while sitting on the desk. In this scenario generally people faces the clouts in legs and weakness when using the stairs. So this exercise will encourage the activity of ankle and joints.

#5. Corporate Anulom Vilom

As we know that, anulom vilom is primarily focused on the breathing. So corporate anumlom vilom pranayama enhance the oxygen level in your body and mind. This pranayama will help you to get refreshing start during your office hours.

#6. Corporate Uttan Mandukasana

Suffering from the upper back and lower back muscles pain, Let's Try this asana, this Gives good stretch to the upper and lower back muscles, makes back muscles flexible, relieves back pain and strain, Helps cure sciatica.

Corporate Uttan mandukasana gives stretch to the throat muscles and nerves, relieves throat pain.

Stretches the elbow joints and hence good for elbow health.

#7. Sukshma vyayama for Head and neck

Sukshma vyayam for head and neck helps to circulate the blood in all the blocks veins, You can do this exercise during your office hours at your desk also in between the work.

#8. Corporate Bhramri

Feeling lazy in office hours, Take a break for 2 minutes & do Bhramri, One of the most demanding exercise everyone must do. It nurtures peace in your being, which in turn, results in self-healing. The Bhramri Pranayama lowers one's blood pressure, thus relieving hypertension. It releases cerebral tension. It soothes the nerves system.

In order to know more in depth, You can checkout our complete video

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Note: All the asanas and pranayama should be performed under the guidance of your certified yoga teacher.



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