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Summary: IDY Grand Finale - 18th June 2023

Press Release

On the 18th of June 2023, Patanjali Japan Foundation successfully completed its biggest festival, the Grand Finale of International Day 2023.

We celebrated International Day of Yoga 2023 as a team for 75 days, between April 3rd and June 21st. Yoga Mahotsav – II was Organized by “一般社団法人 Patanjali Japan Foundation” and co-organized by representative director of “一般社団法人 Buzz Cre” Kaname Yoshida, “合同会社 HANA” and “INTAG” in collaboration with The Embassy of India, Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome Speech by Our Guest & PJF Directors

Our Chief Sewa Officer Ashutosh Sensei presented and felicitated our dignified guests, which was then followed by a welcome speech by our guests of honor; Yayoi Kimura san (Mayor of Koto-ku city), Mrs. Kanika Aggarwal (Director of VCC, Embassy of India) Kaname Yoshida san (Koto-ku assembly member) and finally, Kisanobu Ide san (representative of Koto-ku Health & Sports foundation).

The welcome speech was soon followed by the long awaited new logo release for PJF, delivered upstage by Koto-ku Assembly member Yoshida san and PJF directors Ashutosh san, Dhanashree san and Yumi san.

Logo Launching of Patanjali Japan Foundation

The anticipation was evident as yoga enthusiasts and Patanjali followers from across the globe had united in Tokyo for the grand finale of International Day of Yoga 2023, and there was certainly an added excitement in the air as everyone waited with bated breaths to witness the launch of the what was to represent such an exciting milestone for the organization.

After some pauses and few hushes here and there, our PFJ directors and Kaname san took center stage to swiftly unveil the brand new logo

The new logo depicts a flame representing the presence of knowledge and light. There is also a shloka written underneath in Sanskrit; “असतो मा सदगमय, तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय”, which translates to “Lead from ignorance to knowledge, and from darkness to light”, which is ultimately the key concept and goal of Patanjali Japan Foundation.

Experiencing the Grace and Passion of Bharatanatyam

All guests were captivated as the stage came alive with the enchanting grace and rhythmic movements of Bharatanatyam, performed by the talented artist, Yoko Matsushita San. Combining traditional elements with her own unique style, Yoko san transported the audience into a world of vibrant storytelling and artistic expression.

Her facial expressions, hand gestures, and eye movements became a window into the depths of each story she told. The delightful fusion of classical beauty and contemporary relevance made her performance accessible and enjoyable to the audience.

Common Yoga Protocol By Varada Sensei & Aya Sensei

In addition, the participants were led into Yoga asana by Varada sensei and Aya sensei.

Mats were laid out in orderly alignment as attendees flowed through various poses and techniques, each one more invigorating than the last. Their expertise and gentle guidance allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the asana part of yoga practice.

Pranayama Performed on Live Music (Tabla, Sitar & Sarangi)

It may perhaps be the first time ever in Japanese yoga history that the Pranayama was delivered with live music including the Tabla, Sitar, & Sarangi played by Sashihara san, Atarishi san and Nishizawa san respectively. To add to the unique and rich artistic atmosphere were live Kalaripayattu and Odissi dance performances by Matsushita san and Sachiko Ito san respectively. The sparkling performance of classical Odissi dance by Sachiko Ito in the background set the whole stage in a mystique yet charmful mood.

Participants practiced both some enhanced pranayama such as Kapalbhati as well as much relaxed versions such as anulom-vilom led by Ashutosh sensei, while being accompanied by the above-mentioned live dance and music. On usual occasions, our yogis practice the same sequence online during free daily yoga sessions, however, it was quite a unique and successful experiment with the added live performances and the space had felt as though it had transformed into Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or “one family” which was a delightful experience.

As our yogis were shifted into a mode of relaxation with calming music and meditative breathing exercises, it became clear that Patanjali Japan Foundation had gone above and beyond in making sure the event was executed flawlessly by including all the aspects of traditional yoga.

Special Participation From Taiwan Yoga Association

We must also acknowledge the gathering of 36 attendees, all hailing from Taiwan Yoga Association, adding an international flair to the already-special occasion. Their presence enriched cultural exchange, fostering a sense of global unity and appreciation for yoga which is something PJF will continue to strive for.

A Peaceful Closing with Mantra Chanting

The event ended with bhramari pranayama, silent meditation and closing words by Dhanashree sensei. The event reached a crescendo as Dhanashree graced the stage, captivating the audience with her soul-stirring mantra chanting, leaving everyone in a state of tranquil bliss.

It is no wonder that yogis have expressed their feelings of rejuvenation and inspiration – it was indeed an incredible way to celebrate the closure of International Day of Yoga. From start to finish, participants were fully immersed in a world of peace and tranquility that truly embodied the essence of yoga.

Final Words

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the organizers, co-organizers, and supporters for their invaluable contributions and unwavering support in making the event successful. We deeply appreciate your efforts in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. Thank you for your commitment and collaboration, which have made a significant difference.

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Thank You.

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