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Day 1 - International Day of Yoga 2021 Celebration - Curtain Raiser Event

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Finally the most demanding and trending event has been started from today.

Patanjali Japan Foundation presents the biggest celebration of International Day of Yoga 2021. At this event, more than 1K yogis connected on our platform through Zoom, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.

We thanks everyone to participate in the IDY 2021 curtain-raiser event. In this event, everyone goes through the basic principles of yoga and the next 8 days events.

You can also check our FB album for more amazing clicks on this particular day - FB Album Day 1 IDY 2021

Next 8 Days International Days of Yoga Celebration 2021 includes:

Day 2 - Daily Yoga Practice With Sara Sensei

Day 3 - Daily Yoga Practice With Dhanashree Sensei

Day 4 - Daily Yoga Practice With Sara Sensei

Day 5 - Daily Yoga Practice With Ganesh Sensei

Day 6 - Daily Yoga Practice With Suhani Sensei

Day 7 - Workshop: Mudras

Day 8 - Live and Interactive Session

At this event, Our Chief Sewa Officer Mr Ashutosh walk us through the various factors & benefits of yoga, & how it's helpful for us in our daily lifestyle.

After that, we also learn more about the Honorable Prime Minister of Bharat (India) Shri Narendra Modi Ji's amazing speech on International Day of Yoga. How it connects our mind, sharpness with our soul, & why we need to put this in our daily lifestyle.

Also our guest speakers

Ms Keiko Takemoto, Representative Director (Mallakhamb Federation of Japan)

Shri Kazuto Sashihara, Tabla Player, (HEAT bEAT MUSIC), &

Shri Ganesh Giri, President & Yoga Teacher, Indo Shiki Yoga

tell us about their life journey with yoga, & important factors that we should adopt in our daily lifestyle.

Ambassador of Bharat (India) to Japan Mr Sanjay Kumar Verma Ji also give a very useful message to all citizen on this amazing event. This includes the how-to practice yoga with the covid 19 guidelines. how online yoga classes are helpful.

After this, our regular yogis share their experience one by one how they feel after daily practicing yoga for 1 year.

Be ready to attend our next sessions. if not registered, register now by below link .

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