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More Events - International Day of Yoga 2021 Celebration

It was great to see all of you at the International day of Yoga (IDY) 2021 celebration, which was conducted by the Patanjali Japan Foundation. If anyone missed those sessions, they can directly access them by the below link:

Along with IDY 2021, Chief Sewa Officer, Mr. Ashutosh Sensei, also led in IDY 2021 celebrations at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Tokyo Skytree, & Rakuten Group.

Celebration of International Day of Yoga at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Tokyo

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo organized International Day of Yoga Event on June 21st for their students. Total 6 different yoga sessions were conducted. 3 out of 6 sessions were conducted by Ashutosh sensei.

Patanjali Japan Foundation was invited to conduct yoga session at GIIS Tokyo 3 years in a row.

Each yoga session was different and focused on physical aspects and pranayama aspects of yoga. Knowledge was shared knowledge about Yoga as lifestyle and how to incorporate yoga practice in daily lifestyle.

Yogic Jogging was practiced with all the students and students actively participated in it.

Yulia sensei, Yoga teacher at GIIS Tokyo decorated the auditorium with balloons with messages for peace and harmony for the yogis on this vibrant day of International Day of Yoga.

Celebration of International Day of Yoga at Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo

Yoga Organization Japan in association with Embassy of India, Tokyo, held an online yoga session in celebration of IDY 2021 on Saturday 19th June. Session commenced with remarks of H.E Sanjay Kumar Verma, Ambassador of India to Japan.

One day program with different yoga sessions included morning and night shift. Patanjali Japan Foundation was invited to lead one session at night. Sara sensei and Ashutosh sensei led the evening session based on common yoga protocol designed by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of Bharat (India).

Celebration of International Day of Yoga at Rakuten Group

Wellness Department of Rakuten Group organized daily 15 minutes yoga session in lunch time for 13 days which was mentored by Ashutosh sensei. This yoga session focuses on sukshma vyayama, pranayama and Dhyana. Many employees who were working from home, were rejuvenated through this 15 minutes lunch time yoga session to come out of stress and do basic physical movements.

Daily healthy lifestyle tips were also provided on different topics like migraine, digestion, how to sleep well, how to drink water, how to breath properly and many more!

Regular Yogi (Type 1) registration opened

On huge demand and inquiries, we are also starting our regular yoga sessions apart from daily morning online yoga sessions. so please register below for details.

The idea is simple. We want everyone to practice yoga daily to charge up your body, mind, spirit, soul and everything.

We provide professional yoga teachers certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of Bharat (India) or equivalent.

When you enroll as Type 1 Regular Yogi, you will have access to all the yoga sessions conducted by Patanjali Japan Foundation; both online and offline (in future).

So, please register and do not miss the opportunity of building a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

(For limited time)

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