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Day 6 - International Day of Yoga Celebration 2021 With Suhani Sensei

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Finally, the most awaited event International Day of Yoga 2021 Celebration has been already started and it is conducted by the Patanjali Japan foundation.

Every day more than 9k-10k yogis and Japanese trainers came to our platform to join our yoga sessions.

On Day 6 of IDY 2021 Event, our trainer Suhani Sensei walk you through the focused on sukshma vayayama, asana and deep breathing. This session is recommended for suffering from stress due to short breathing. Yoga session focused on physical body and subtle body.

You can also check our FB album for more amazing clicks on this particular day - FB Album Day 6 IDY 2021

Stress saps all of our energy. We can't deal when our batteries are completely depleted, and anything can push us over the edge. It's as if you're stuck in semi-panic mode, with very little exhalation and tense neck, head, and shoulders. Yoga provides us with coping mechanisms.

When you can't find inner peace, it's time to tune into your body. One technique is to pay attention to where stress or panic arises in the body and direct our attention and breath there. We eventually want to get into a forward bend, which causes the exhalation to increase, resulting in the relaxation response.

Our Next Remaining International Day of Yoga Events

  1. 🔥 June 19th (Saturday) 7:00AM - 8:00AM Workshop: Mudura

  2. 🔥 June 20th (Sunday) 10:00AM - 11:00AM Interactive session

  3. 🔥 June 21st (Monday) 7:00AM - 8:00AM Practice of Common Yoga Protocol

Have a great rest of the day,

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