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What is Yoga - 1

What is Yoga

Yoga is very popular word in this era.

When we say yoga, the first image comes in our mind is "Slim, flexible lady with money and time wearing some branded cloths called yoga wear with Yoga mat drinking energy drink".

The power of this word "Yoga" is so much that you can attach this word with anything to make it looks cool.

Like, hot yoga, laughing yoga, beer yoga, park yoga, family yoga, child yoga, online yoga etc...

In current global market, this word is used mostly for the benefit of business.

So, in that sense the word "yoga" is helping many businesses to boost their profits.

Unfortunately the true essence and power of yoga is not yet communicated.

But this is my strong trust that the power of yoga would be harnessed effectively for the true empowerment of the society.

Meaning of Yoga

Yoga means to join, add, unite.

In mathematics, we say "yoga" of 2 and 2 is 4.

That simply means "addition".

Yoga is to join, to add.

Yoga is to unite body mind and soul

Now the question arise, what do we join and why do we join?

In Hindu darshan or philosophy (philosophy might not be right word for darshan), we acquired this body for some purpose and for some limited time.

We have this physical body (Sthula sharir), subtle body (Sukshma sharir) and Casual body (Karan sharir).

This body (Sharir) works with the power of "prana"; the life force, which are classified in 5 types (Prana, Apana, Udana, Vyana, Samana).

Now, when we join this body, prana, and our own self (jeeva); this state is known as "Yoga".

Its easy to say to join is "Yoga", but it needs practice to experience this unity.

Interesting Facts about "Yoga"


The place Yoga in Setagaya ward, Tokyo came from "Yoga".

The name comes from Sanskrit root of the word "Yoga". The Buddhist temple Shinpuku-ji chose the Sanskrit-derived appellation Yuga-san.

Yoga station name came from Sanskrit word "Yoga"

Next time we will talk about many definitions of Yoga.

Have a happy and healthy lifestyle


Ashutosh Singh

Chief Sewa Officer

Patanjali Japan Foundation

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