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Representatives of PJF Visits the NSDC Training Center in Gurgaon, Acquiring Insight into India’s Skill Training Initiatives

Updated: Feb 15

Press Release

Gurgaon, India: On January 31st, 2024, the esteemed delegation from the Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) paid a visit to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) training center in Gurgaon. The visit was inspiring, thought-provoking and left PJF team members with a great sense of energy and productivity moving forwards.

The PJF team including Sh. Ashutosh Singh, Chief Sewa Officer & Representative Director at Patanjali Japan Foundation; Yumi Ishida, Director and Sales and Marketing Leader; Mr. Yasuhiro Matsou, CEO (Labor and Social Security Attorney), WeNeed Inc. Japan; Mr. Samepal Singh, Founder and Director of One World Alliance; and Ms. Deepika Singh, Founder and Managing Director at eSpot Web Solutions, explored the center and interacted with students.

This visit aimed to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge with representatives of the NSDC training center, as well as engage with students undergoing skill development programs.

The NSDC training center, a hub for skill enhancement and vocational training, welcomed the PJF delegation with enthusiasm and hospitality. The representatives of the NSDC training center shared insights into their programs and initiatives aimed at empowering youth with relevant skills for employment opportunities.

Meaningful Interaction with Representatives and Students

During their visit, the PJF delegates engaged in meaningful interactions with both the representatives of the NSDC training center and the students undergoing training. The delegates listened attentively to the experiences and aspirations of the students, offering guidance and support wherever needed.

They addressed queries raised by the students, providing valuable insights into career opportunities, skill development pathways, and cultural exchange programs.

Students Shown Keen Interest in Learning Japanese Language 

A notable observation during the interactions was the diverse background of the students, with many hailing from eastern regions of India such as Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. The students exhibited a keen interest in learning the Japanese language, with some already proficient at JLPT N5 level, while others were striving to attain JLPT N4 proficiency. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to explore opportunities for employment in Japan were evident throughout the discussions.

Our delegates have given individual lessons to the students to boost their energy and motivate them towards their career.


Sh. Ashutosh Singh expressed his appreciation for the dedication and determination displayed by the students, stating, "Our interaction with the students at the NSDC training center was truly inspiring. Their commitment to learning and their aspirations for a brighter future are commendable. We are committed to supporting them in their journey towards realizing their dreams."

The visit concluded on a positive note, with the PJF delegation expressing gratitude to the NSDC training center for their warm welcome and insightful discussions. The exchange of ideas and experiences between the two organizations marks a significant step towards empowering youth and fostering international cooperation in skill development.

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