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Suryanamaskar - 1st Interactive session of 2021

Suryanamaskar, its explanation and benefits was the main topic of 1st edition of Interactive session of 2021 organized by Patanjali Japan Foundation (PJF) on January 24, 2021.

Suryanamaskar was explained by PJF's yoga teacher Ms. Sara followed by actual demonstration and teaching of how to practice Suryanamaskar.

1. Introduction and Activity report of 2020

In 2020, total number of unique yogis in daily morning pranayama special online yoga reached more than 470 which includes yogis of interactive sessions. Completed total 200 days and 9 months of daily yoga program without any day off and without any delay.

Monthly more than 100 yogis join pranayama special online yoga program.

Explained the benefits and importance of daily yoga practice.

Introduction Link:

2. Explanation of Suryanamaskar

Surayanamaskar consists of 12 asanas performed with the rhythm of proper breathing (inhale and exhale).

Beautifully explained the importance of Sun in different cultures, its existence and importance in galaxy and solar system. Effects of Sun's rays and many more.

Suryanamaskar Introduction Link:

Important slides here

3. Practice of Suryanamaskar

Practiced Suryanamaskar with all the participants actively involved in it.

Suryanamskar Practice Link:

4. Question and Answer Session

Question and answer session held with active participation by the participants.

Some of the important questions and their answers:

Q. Suryanamaskar to be done only under sunlight?

A. Good to practice under sunlight but you can practice without sun also. Make sure not to eat 2-3 hours before practicing.

Q. How many times should we do Suryanamaskar?

A. Start from 1 or 2 cycles by holding few breadth in each asana and then increase the frequency slowly.

Question and Answer and Closing Link:

We thank you all for joining this webinar. Please write your feedback here (

Tickets for next interactive session on February 21, 2021 can be availed at the below link.

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