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Yoga at Skytree with Miss World Japan 2021 Finalist

On October 2, 2021, The Yoga Organization of Japan organized the yoga session with Miss World Japan 2021 finalists at the “Tokyo Sky Tree”, a sacred place for yoga certified by The Yoga Organization of Japan, under the guidance of Dr. Reeta of the Embassy of India, Tokyo.

All of the Miss World Japan 2021 finalists have passed the Yoga Test Level 3 and are also qualified as yoga managers certified by The Yoga Organization of Japan.

The clear sky and good scenery made the yoga session very successful.

We practiced yoga with simple sukshma vyayama, asanas and pranayama.

As we know 20 minutes was a short time but everyone was so refreshed in this short yoga time.

This is very good initiative by The Yoga Organization of Japan to promote yoga through the Miss World Japan finalists. Our (Team Patanjali Japan Foundation)'s mission is to maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health while conveying the essence of the Bharat (India) yoga system.

We also found a new Skytree pose.

It is a customized pose of Virikshasana.

On the 21st of every month, Tokyo Skytree as the sacred place of yoga is celebrated.

Please come and join us next time.

Skytree pose

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